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mouths, plural;
  1. Say (something dull or unoriginal), esp. in a pompous or affected way
    • - this clergyman mouths platitudes in breathy, soothing tones
  2. Utter very clearly and distinctly
    • - she would carefully mouth the right pronunciation
  3. Move the lips as if saying (something) or in a grimace
    • - she mouthed a silent farewell
    • - “Come on,” he mouthed
  4. Take in or touch with the mouth
    • - puppies may mouth each other's collars during play
  5. Train the mouth of (a horse) so that it responds to a bit

  1. The opening in the lower part of the human face, surrounded by the lips, through which food is taken in and from which speech and other sounds are emitted

  2. The cavity behind this, containing the teeth and tongue

  3. The corresponding opening through which an animal takes in food (at the front of the head in vertebrates and many other creatures), or the cavity behind this

  4. A horse's readiness to feel and obey the pressure of the bit in its mouth
    • - the horse had a hard mouth
  5. The character or quality of a wine as judged by its feel or flavor in the mouth (rather than its aroma)

  6. Talkativeness; impudence
    • - you've got more mouth on you than anyone I've ever known
  7. An opening or entrance to a structure that is hollow, concave, or almost completely enclosed
    • - standing before the mouth of a cave
  8. The opening for filling or emptying something used as a container
    • - the mouth of the bottle
  9. The muzzle of a gun

  10. The opening or entrance to a harbor or bay
    • - walking to the mouth of the bay to absorb the view
  11. The place where a river enters the sea

  1. talk: express in speech; "She talks a lot of nonsense"; "This depressed patient does not verbalize"
  2. the opening through which food is taken in and vocalizations emerge; "he stuffed his mouth with candy"
  3. the externally visible part of the oral cavity on the face and the system of organs surrounding the opening; "she wiped lipstick from her mouth"
  4. articulate silently; form words with the lips only; "She mouthed a swear word"
  5. an opening that resembles a mouth (as of a cave or a gorge); "he rode into the mouth of the canyon"; "they built a fire at the mouth of the cave"
  6. touch with the mouth
  7. Mouth is a Canadian rock band formed in 2008 from Belleville, Ontario, Canada. The band was formed by Rory Kyte and Elliott Gould in 2008 and have since released two full length albums.
  8. Insects (Class Insecta) exhibit a range of mouthparts, adapted to particular modes of feeding. The earliest insects had chewing mouthparts. ...
  9. This article includes a list of characters from the animated series Darkwing Duck.
  10. The Ancient Egyptian Mouth hieroglyph is Gardiner sign listed no. D21 for the shape of the mouth, being open, (therefore also implying a use for speech).
  11. In geometry, a vertex (plural vertices) is a special kind of point which describes the corners or intersections of geometric shapes. Vertices are commonly used in computer graphics to define the corners of surfaces (typically triangles) in 3D models, where each such point is given as a vector.
  12. One Tree Hill is an American television series created by Mark Schwahn who serves as executive producer. He also writes and directs for the show. The show began with nine main characters in its first season. ...
  13. The opening of a creature through which food is ingested; The end of a river out of which water flows; An outlet, aperture or orifice; A loud or overly talkative person; To speak about something; To make the actions of speech, without producing sound; To pick up or handle with the lips or ...
  14. (Mouthing) A baby puts her hands in her mouth and/or makes sucking motions with her mouth. This is a sign that a baby is hungry.
  15. The open end of a bell shaped or tubular flower.
  16. digestion begins in the mouth, chewing is mechanical digestion. Salivary amylase is an enzyme that begins the chemical digestion of starch. Mucus moistens food, and the mass of food chewed is called the bolus.
  17. the entirety of the sensations perceived by the palate.
  18. The oral cavity; the entrance to the digestive system where food is broken into pieces by the teeth and saliva begins the digestion process.
  19. The opening at the base of the balloon envelope through which the flames from the burner passes to heat the air inside the envelope. This is sometimes referred to as the 'throat'...
  20. The open end of the cap opposite the top.
  21. Air enters the body through either the open mouth or the nose. It travels down the trachea to the lungs, where the oxygen in it passes into the bloodstream.
  22. The inverted U-shaped slit located between the inner and outer labial palps.
  23. The imaginary line between the seaward banks of a river, lake or estuary, where those waters meet the sea (for examples see maps 1 and 2).
  24. An opening resembling or likened to a mouth, as one affording entrance or exit to a mine.
  25. Anterior opening of digestive tract through which stylets are protruded during feeding; occasionally surrounded by peribuccal lamellae.