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motorways, plural;
  1. An expressway

  2. A wide, fast, easy ski run

  1. expressway: a broad highway designed for high-speed traffic
  2. A motorway is a dual-carriageway limited access highway with grade separated junctions designed and built solely for motorised traffic. ...
  3. In Ireland, the highest category of road is a Motorway (mótarbhealach, plural: mótarbhealaí), indicated by the prefix M followed by one or two digits. ...
  4. Motorway is a typeface designed by Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calvert for use on the motorway network of the United Kingdom. It was first used on the M6 Preston bypass in 1958 and has been in use on the UK's motorways since. ...
  5. List of motorways in the United Kingdom is a complete list of motorways in the United Kingdom. Note that while one numbering scheme is used for Great Britain, roads in Northern Ireland are allocated their own numbers on an ad hoc basis.
  6. This is a list of road numbering systems which include A roads.
  7. On motorways and dual carriageways, stay behind a blue light vehicle to avoid the risk of becoming involved in an incident it is attending. Give any responding vehicle plenty of room, and follow it at a safe distance.
  8. freeway; the major road system in your country
  9. expressway or freeway; a toll-free thoroughfare
  10. A high-speed road for motor vehicles and only interrupted by crossings.
  11. n. A motorway is a freeway. Except that motorways tend to be no more than three lanes to each side and as far as I can tell freeways are often wider than they are long.
  12. n. 1. A limited access highway. An Interstate.
  13. A major direction and quick route to where you want to go in life. For some dreamers it will represent facing more power or threat than they feel relaxed about.
  14. An interstate-like limited access highway. Some motorways are purpose built as such while others may actually be dual carriageways that have had sections of it rebuilt to motorway standards. And to further convolute matters, motorways can be hundreds of miles long or less than two miles long.
  15. large road (usually more than 2 lanes in each direction) designed to move a lot of traffic quickly. Usually with a 100 or 110km/h speed limit.
  16. freeway, highway, multi-lane highway, expressway
  17. Wide road for fast-moving traffic.
  18. A British term for highway
  19. M; MI (motorway one)