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mother tongues, plural;
  1. The language that a person has grown up speaking from early childhood

  1. one's native language; the language learned by children and passed from one generation to the next
  2. Mother Tongue is the yearly periodical of the Association for the Study of Language In Prehistory and was established in 1995. ...
  3. The Mother Tongue (ISBN 0-380-71543-0) is a book by Bill Bryson which compiles the history and origins of the English language and the language's various quirks. It is subtitled English And How It Got That Way. ...
  4. the dominant language a person hears and learns in childhood
  5. Refers to the first language learned at home in childhood and still understood by the individual at the time of the census.
  6. dialect, household words, King's English, language, lingo, native tongue, phraseology, Queen's English, speech, tongue, vernacular, vulgar tongue.