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moratoria, plural; moratoriums, plural;
  1. A temporary prohibition of an activity
    • - an indefinite moratorium on the use of drift nets
  2. A legal authorization to debtors to postpone payment

  3. The period of this postponement

  1. a legally authorized postponement before some obligation must be discharged
  2. suspension of an ongoing activity
  3. A moratorium in the home entertainment business refers to the practice of suspending the sales of DVD movies or DVD boxed sets after a certain period of time. ...
  4. (Moratoria) A suspension of activity. ‘GM moratoria’ means to stop the growing of GM plants in defined areas.
  5. During the negotiation process, a period of 60 to 90 days during which EPA and potentially responsible parties may reach settlement but no site response activities can be conducted.
  6. A temporary suspension by statute of the enforceability of a debt.
  7. A suspension of specific, or all, business activities to prevent additional damage. Sometimes a moratorium can be decreed by a nation. Sometimes a business can enact a moratorium on its own. In bankruptcy law, a legally binding halt of the right to collect debt.
  8. When a foreign country temporarily closes its international adoption program for reasons such as in order to restructure their programs.
  9. A moratorium suspends the right of property owners to obtain development approvals while the local legislature takes time to consider, draft, and adopt land use regulations or rules to respond to new or changing circumstances not adequately dealt with by its current laws. ...
  10. A temporary ban or halt to a specific activity.
  11. A temporary suspension of payments due under a financing agreement in order to help a distressed borrower recover and avoid a default and foreclosure.
  12. A delay, postponement or waiting period. Sometimes, a legally authorized suspension in the performance of a legal obligation. See the Hoover Moratorium (1931) on the payment of reparations and war debts.
  13. the temporary suspension of payments of interest and/or principal on external debts. A moratorium may be an immediate response to a critical foreign exchange shortage (e.g. Mexico in 1982) or part of a confrontational policy towards creditors (e.g. ...
  14. The experience of conflict over the issues of identity formation prior to the establishment of firm goals or long-term commitments.
  15. A period of time during which a certain activity is not allowed or required. Usually a moratorium is put in place to protect a person, business or company
  16. any authorized delay or stopping of some specified activity. In this novel, it refers to the rejection of the mind and the rejection of reason that is responsible for the Taggart Tunnel tragedy.
  17. A term designating suspension of all or certain legal remedies against debtors.
  18. Period during which an adolescent may try several identities without intending to settle on a specific one
  19. A period during which a borrower is granted the right to delay fulfillment of an obligation.
  20. stoppage of some regulated activity by a governmental agency imposed in government’s exercise of its police powers to protect the public health, safety or welfare
  21. The legal banning of a particular activity for a defined period of time.
  22. Conditions which have existed in the five years prior to application may not be covered, but they may become eligible if a further two years pass (usually) without symptoms, treatment or medication.
  23. A moratorium is a period of delay. October 15, 1969, was Vietnam Moratorium Day, declared by student antiwar leaders. It produced an unprecedented outpouring of antiwar protest.
  24. A process introduced by the Enterprise Act 2002 that allows smaller companies to obtain protection from creditor actions in order to restructure their business via a Company Voluntary Arrangement without the necessity for an Administration Order.