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The confidence, enthusiasm, and discipline of a person or group at a particular time,
  1. The confidence, enthusiasm, and discipline of a person or group at a particular time
    • - their morale was high

  1. a state of individual psychological well-being based upon a sense of confidence and usefulness and purpose
  2. esprit de corps: the spirit of a group that makes the members want the group to succeed
  3. Morale, also known as esprit de corps when discussing the morale of a group, is an intangible term used for the capacity of people to maintain belief in an institution or a goal, or even in oneself and others. ...
  4. (Morales) (in  Cristóbal de Morales (Spanish composer))
  5. The mental, emotional, and spiritual state of an individual.
  6. Focusing on what is an appropriate Preferred Return under various business scenarios should help the entrepreneur and investor slash through the detailed terms which implement concept.
  7. The mood of individuals in the workplace.
  8. The attitude workers have towards the quality of their total work life.
  9. This is an often-overlooked but still notable benefit that can sometimes be gained by initiating an outsourcing relationship. ...
  10. If the field of potential battle was near, movement became more careful and more tentative. Several days might be spent in a location studying the terrain and opposition, while the troops were prepared mentally and physically for battle. ...
  11. The willingness of a creature or character to face danger. (D&D 1)
  12. A morale bonus represents the effects of greater hope, courage, and determination (or hopelessness, cowardice, and despair in the case of a morale penalty). Multiple morale bonuses on the same character do not stack. Only the highest morale bonus applies. ...
  13. Believe it or not, one way to make things safer in the workplace is to boost morale. Higher morale means more employees happy with their job and doing their part to keep things running as smoothly as possible. Yoga can bring employees together and boost morale in your office.
  14. Confidence or spirits
  15. spirit or attitude, as in :  The coach gave a pep talk to lift the team’s morale.