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monetised, past tense; monetised, past participle; monetising, present participle; monetized, past tense; monetizes, 3rd person singular present; monetized, past participle; monetizing, present participle; monetises, 3rd person singular present;
  1. Convert into or express in the form of currency

  2. Adapt (a society) to the use of money
    • - a fully monetized society

  1. give legal value to or establish as the legal tender of a country; "They monetized the lira"
  2. Monetization is the process of converting or establishing something into legal tender. It usually refers to the printing of banknotes by central banks, but things such as gold, diamonds and emeralds, and art can also be monetized. ...
  3. To convert something (especially a security) into currency; To mint money; To establish a currency as legal tender
  4. (Monetization) A P.L. 480 provision added by the Food Security Act of 1985 that allows private voluntary organizations to sell a small percentage of donated P.L. 480 commodities within the recipient country. ...
  5. (MONETIZATION) If you can’t make money at it, you probably can’t keep doing it. But how do you monetize music in a down economy?
  6. (Monetization) Any way in which a domain can be used to generate revenue. Monetization may include selling for profit, parking, developing websites with content and advertisements, etc.
  7. (Monetization) In derivatives markets monetization refers to the realization of the value of the options embedded in puttable and callable bonds. This can be done using forward swaps or by selling call options on government bonds. Most commonly though swaptions are used. ...
  8. (Monetization) Measuring conversion is made easy with full statistical and reporting capabilities. You can address your potential customers with proof of concept before you make a sale. This makes your sales process easier and your conversion higher.
  9. (Monetization) The act of creating and introducing currency into circulation through debt.
  10. (Monetization) The methods by which a service or resource generate income.
  11. (Monetization) The process by which you turn a regular website into a money making website. If you run a website that makes you no money and you add a few ads and then a few weeks later you are generating a weekly profit then you have monetized your website.
  12. (Monetization) The process of creating general media of exchange ("money"). This process can be carried out by any individual capable of making a promise, but is most often carried out by banks of issue and central banks. ...
  13. (Monetization) The selling of agricultural commodities to obtain foreign currency for use in U.S. assistance programs. PVOs monetize USG donated commodities through PL480 Title II and USDA programs. ...
  14. (Monetization) When used in the context of a country, typically means the central bank prints money to purchase government debt.
  15. (Monetization) a process of creating debt to immediately receive wealth.
  16. (Monetizing) You can put ads, make affiliate deals and sell other people’s stuff, sell your own product and services, make paid reviews…but these all have pros and cons. One of the cons is money is hard to make, especially if you are low on traffic.
  17. The noble mission of Web slingers everywhere: figuring out how to make money off each page view, visitor (eyeballs), or anything else. If you work at an Internet company, you've used this term... don't lie. Hell, even I've used this term.
  18. To express in terms of money, usually done to compare actions or results of actions that are not comparable in other terms.
  19. A way to generate income from a blog or Web site by incorporating widgets referring readers to an external site or service. The blog author receives a credit each time a reader follows one of these links.
  20. Used to refer to the process of converting some asset of non-monetary form into a monetary payment.
  21. the action of putting ads on your blog that results in personal income.
  22. What everyone is trying to do with their blog so their husbands will let them keep writing. Also, what no rich blogger will give you step-by-step instructions on how to do successfully. Other than be authentic.
  23. It usually means the central bank is printing bank notes. However, online it means a way to convert ideas into money or establishing something like information or advertising into money. When you add Adsense to your site it is said to be monetizing your site so it can make you money. Monetizing… ...
  24. To make money from. Typically marketers use this word as following; “so far I have found a few different ways to monetize my e-mail list.” Marketers use this term to define how they make money from their lists, their websites, and their marketing pieces.
  25. to apply a money making application