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mistrusts, 3rd person singular present; mistrusting, present participle; mistrusted, past tense; mistrusted, past participle;
  1. Be suspicious of; have no confidence in
    • - she had no cause to mistrust him
  1. Lack of trust: suspicion
    • - the public mistrust of government

  1. distrust: regard as untrustworthy; regard with suspicion; have no faith or confidence in
  2. misgiving: doubt about someone's honesty
  3. distrust: the trait of not trusting others
  4. (mistrustful) leery: openly distrustful and unwilling to confide
  5. Mistrust means "to doubt, to lack confidence in". It does not necessarily imply any serious suspicion of malice or bad faith.
  6. Mistrust was a heavy metal band formed in Seattle, Washington in 1985. They recorded one album in their brief existence called Spin the World, which was originally released through C.O.M.A. Records in 1986 and again through Heart of Steel Records in 2009.
  7. (mistrustful) Having or causing mistrust, suspicions, or forebodings