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(of a thing) Not able to be found because it is not in its expected place,
  1. (of a thing) Not able to be found because it is not in its expected place
    • - a quantity of cash has gone missing
  2. Not present or included when expected or supposed to be
    • - passion was an element that had been missing from her life for too long
    • - you can fill in the missing details later
  3. (of a person) Absent from a place, esp. home, and of unknown whereabouts
    • - she alerted police that her son was missing
  4. (of a person) Not yet traced or confirmed as alive, but not known to be dead, after an accident or during wartime
    • - servicemen listed as missing in action

  1. not able to be found; "missing in action"; "a missing person"
  2. lacking: nonexistent; "the thumb is absent"; "her appetite was lacking"
  3. Missing is a 2009 BBC TV series starring Pauline Quirke and Mark Wingett. The series is a ten-part drama for BBC Daytime, set in a busy Missing Persons Unit. Quirke played DS Mary Jane "MJ" Croft, a charismatic detective who runs the under-resourced unit. ...
  4. Missing (Swedish: Saknad) is a 2000 crime fiction novel by Swedish author Karin Alvtegen. The psychological thriller is set in Alvtegen's native Sweden. It received the 2001 Glass Key, the Nordic literature award for best crime fiction. . ...
  5. Missing (originally titled 1-800-Missing) is a Canadian-American crime drama television series based on the 1-800-WHERE-R-YOU book series by Meg Cabot. The series aired on the A network and W Network in Canada, and on Lifetime in the United States from August 2003 to February 2006.
  6. Anywhere but Home is the first live album and DVD by the rock band Evanescence, released in 2004. It includes all four of their Fallen music videos, an hour of behind the scenes features, and a recording of a concert at Le Zénith in Paris. ...
  7. "Missing" is a song written and recorded by British pop music duo Everything but the Girl. The song was released as a single album from the band's 1994 album Amplified Heart. ...
  8. Missing (ISBN 978-0-671-69410-4) is the fourth novel in Fear Street series by R. L. Stine.
  9. Missing is a 1982 American drama film directed by Costa Gavras, and starring Jack Lemmon, Sissy Spacek, Melanie Mayron, John Shea and Charles Cioffi. ...
  10. "Missing" is the third single by Flyleaf from their second album, Memento Mori.
  11. Missing is a series of Japanese light novels by Gakuto Coda, published by MediaWorks under their Dengeki Bunko label. The first novel in the series was adapted into a manga, which is being released in English by Tokyopop since August 2007, along with the novels since November 2007. ...
  12. The following is a list of episodes of the television series NCIS. The program and its characters were introduced in a two-part episode of the CBS television series JAG in April 2003. The show premiered on September 23, 2003 in the United States on CBS. ...
  13. This is an episode list for the American science fiction television series Roswell, which ran between October 6, 1999 and May 14, 2002. The first two seasons aired on The WB, and the third on UPN. There are a total of 61 episodes. ...
  14. Not able to be located; gone; absent; lost; To be running roughly due an occasional lack of a spark or other irregular fault
  15. (missingness) Absence; Missing data; The manner in which data are missing from a sample of a population
  16. (Misses) A size category for women’s clothing.
  17. (Misses) Designed for a slightly more rounded and mature figure than a junior. Sized evenly from 00 - 16.
  18. (Misses) Price is a little steep for an app lacking a tremendous amount of features.  Music could drive parents bonkers, but children seem to enjoy it.
  19. (Misses) Simple often is best, but in the case of Prelude’s COED, it is far from it. Sadly, an essential reason that electronic dictionaries are useful as a stand alone products or a companions to printed versions is because of versatility. ...
  20. (Misses) Voids in the cured coating.
  21. Used in Library Catalogue records to indicate that a copy of the item is missing.
  22. The ADE report did not indicate the route of administration.
  23. You may see an item on the catalogue which is marked as missing. This means that we are currently unable to locate this item and it is unavailable.
  24. The Library once owned this item but it is now missing.
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