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Of a minimum amount, quantity, or degree; negligible,
  1. Of a minimum amount, quantity, or degree; negligible
    • - a minimal amount of information
    • - production costs are minimal
  2. Characterized by the use of simple or primary forms or structures, esp. geometric or massive ones

  3. Characterized by simplicity and lack of adornment or decoration
    • - minimal, simple evening dresses in luxurious fabrics
  4. Characterized by the repetition and gradual alteration of short phrases

  5. (of a pair of forms) Distinguished by only one feature
    • - “p” and “b” are a minimal pair, distinguished by the feature of voicing

  1. the least possible; "needed to enforce minimal standards"; "her grades were minimal"; "minimum wage"; "a minimal charge for the service"
  2. (minimally) to a minimal degree; "the cells minimally responsive to lines in this orientation will not fire"
  3. "Minimal" is a song by British synthpop band Pet Shop Boys and is featured on their 2006 album Fundamental. It was released 24 July 2006 as the second single from that album in the UK, entering the UK Singles Chart at #19 in the first week of its release (see 2006 in British music). ...
  4. The smallest possible amount, quantity, or degree; characterised by the use of simple form or structures; characterised by the repetition and gradual alteration of short phrases
  5. A widely used word in mathematics that generally means atomic or unsimplifiable. For example, prime numbers are minimal with respect to factorization of whole numbers.
  6. less effort to understand and change ideas;
  7. Simple, with the fewest objects as possible and using white space in a smart way.
  8. the hone wear line is under 1/16” wide.
  9. A board hovering between 7ft 6in and 8ft 6in and designed with lots of “float”, making it easy to use for beginners.
  10. greater than undetectable, but less than or equal to 5 bpm
  11. adj. smallest in amount or degree