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miners, plural;
  1. A person who works in a mine

  2. A device used to mine ores, etc

  3. A person who digs tunnels in order to destroy an enemy position with explosives

  4. An Australian bird of the honeyeater family, having a loud call and typically nesting colonially

  5. A small South American bird of the ovenbird family that excavates a long burrow for breeding

  1. laborer who works in a mine
  2. A miner is a person whose work or business it is to extract ore or minerals from the earth. It is considered one of the most dangerous trades in the world. In some countries miners often do not have social guarantees and in case of destruction or mutilations they are left to the mercy of fate.
  3. A sapper or combat engineer is an individual soldier who performs a variety of combat engineering duties. Such tasks typically include bridge-building, laying or clearing minefields, demolitions, field defences, and building, road and airfield construction and repair. ...
  4. The Miner| is a novel published in 1908 by Natsume Sōseki. Is known to be the author's least popular story out of all his works. In “The Miner,” the protagonist has problems with his relationship and decides to flee to work at a mine. ...
  5. A person who works in a mine; An operator of ordnance mines and similar explosives; Any of four species of Australian endemic honeyeaters in the genus Manorina
  6. (Miners) Dwarf-like men who are grizzled and spend their days mining, hence the name. They don't like Slobgonians very much.
  7. (Miners) Functional Feeding Group: Consume organic matter accumulated in the sediment of the stream bottom
  8. Miners lurk during the actual attack, but sow seeds to ensure future lulz.
  9. Organism that feeds inside the blade of a leaf, between the epidermal layers, or beneath the bark of plants, by first excavating a mine into these tissues.
  10. One who mines; as (1) one engaged in the business or occupation of getting ore, coal, precious substances, or other natural substances out of the earth; (2) a machine for automatic mining (as of coal); and (3) a worker on the construction of underground tunnels and shafts (as for roads, railways ...
  11. Computer software which is designed to repeatedly calculate hashes with the intention to create a successful block and earn coins from transaction fees and new coins created with the block itself. ...
  12. A person who professionally excavates and searches for gemstone and mineral specimens.
  13. (5 in quantity; 8 in rank), AKA The Lucky "Bugger", is named so for its ability to defuse bombs, a task no other piece in Stratego can do^[4]. According to the players manual: