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milestones, plural;
  1. A stone set up beside a road to mark the distance in miles to a particular place

  2. An action or event marking a significant change or stage in development
    • - the speech is being hailed as a milestone in race relations

  1. stone post at side of a road to show distances
  2. a significant event in your life (or in a project)
  3. A milestone (from the Latin milliarium) is one of a series of numbered markers placed along a road or boundary at intervals of one mile or occasionally, parts of a mile. They are typically located at the side of the road or in a median. ...
  4. There are several important milestones in the development of aircraft. Some of these include: * Program launch * First order * Prototype model: One or small number of aircraft built to validate soundness of design before commitment to production models with a finalized design. ...
  5. This Milestone, carved in 1790, is a historic milestone at the intersection of Appleton Street and Paul Revere Road in Arlington, Massachusetts. It denotes the point at which the historic road from Boston to Concord, Massachusetts was 8 miles from Boston.
  6. Milestone Media is a company best known for creating the Milestone comics imprint (that was published through DC Comics) and the Static Shock cartoon series. ...
  7. Milestone is a former provincial electoral district for the Legislative Assembly of the province of Saskatchewan, Canada, south of Regina. Originally named "South Regina", this constituency was one of 25 created for the 1st Saskatchewan general election in 1905. ...
  8. Within the framework of project management, a milestone is the end of a stage that marks the completion of a work package or phase, typically marked by a high level event such as completion, endorsement or signing of a deliverable, document or a high level review meeting.
  9. (Milestones) operational or financial goals of a company that are often used to determine whether a company will receive additional financing or whether management will receive additional compensation.
  10. (Milestones) Key events with dates, marking stages in the progress of a project or programme.
  11. (Milestones (developmental)) a significant development event or accomplishment, such as sitting, walking, talking, etc. There are standards for accomplishing developmental milestones by age. ...
  12. (Milestones) (alternate translation)
  13. (Milestones) Achievable short term Targets at which it is possible to evaluate progress towards a final Objective.
  14. (Milestones) Agreed events or stages in the project delivery that have been agreed at the outset as indicators of progress. They are usually tied to time and can be partial output achievement or necessary project development and delivery issues. ...
  15. (Milestones) Cadetship is a cycle. Though one may never find himself in the same place or the same situation at which he was during the first revolution, each cadet will surely agree that life in the Academy follows a certain cyclic pattern. ...
  16. (Milestones) In January 1991, EDR published the first edition of the dictionary interface. By December 1991, EDR had begun to organize an external evaluation group. ...
  17. (Milestones) Like Gall-stones only bigger and really painful.
  18. (Milestones) Significant points along the continuum in this curriculum framework that have relevance to assessing a learner’s attainment: that help identify the learner’s literacy and numeracy skills at the most appropriate of these points.
  19. (Milestones) Significant points in the development cycle marked by the completion of a certain amount of measurable work (a deliverable). ...
  20. (Milestones) Skills most children can perform at certain ages. Examples include, smiling, rolling, sitting, scooting, crawling, standing, walking and talking.
  21. (Milestones) These addresses can be created to either take the date in the subject and the milestone in the message (default), or if you check the “with comments” checkbox on creation of the address you can use the date command and the milestone in the subject and then the message body will be ...
  22. (Milestones) play written with Edward Knoblock
  23. (Milestones) pre-determined and regular activities/ events to mark project progress.
  24. (Milestones) skills that the majority of children accomplish by a certain age range.
  25. A point in time in a project at which defined (intermediate) deliverables and results should be ready.