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middays, plural;
  1. The middle of the day; noon
    • - he awoke at midday
    • - the midday sun

  1. noon: the middle of the day
  2. Midday was a television newsmagazine series on CBC Television, which ran from January 1985 to 2000, replacing local noon-hour newscasts on CBC stations. The show, which aired from noon to 1 p.m. on weekday afternoons, presented a mix of news, lifestyle and entertainment features.
  3. Midday is a daughter of the top-class 2-year-old and sprinter Oasis Dream (GB) and is out of the Kingmambo mare Midsummer. To date, she has won 6 out of 14 starts, including the Nassau Stakes and the Breeders' Cup Filly and Mare Turf. She ran second to Sariska in the Epsom Oaks.
  4. Midday (commonly referred to as The Midday Show) was a television show that aired on Australia's Nine Network from 1985-1998. The show aired, like its title suggests, at noon on every weekday and was a 90 minute variety programme with international and local guests. ...
  5. noon; 12 o'clock during the day
  6. Monday through Friday from 10AM-3PM.
  7. Local newscasts that normally air between noon and 1 p.m. Part of the daytime programming daypart. (See Daypart.)