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menus, plural;
  1. A list of dishes available in a restaurant
    • - the waiter handed her a menu
    • - politics and sport are on the menu tonight
  2. The food available or to be served in a restaurant or at a meal
    • - a no-fuss dinner-party menu
  3. A list of commands or options, esp. one displayed on screen

  1. a list of dishes available at a restaurant; "the menu was in French"
  2. the dishes making up a meal
  3. (computer science) a list of options available to a computer user
  4. an agenda of things to do; "they worked rapidly down the menu of reports"
  5. In a restaurant, a menu is a presentation of food and beverage offerings. A menu may be a la carte – which guests use to choose from a list of options – or table d'hôte, in which case a pre-established sequence of courses is served. ...
  6. In computing and telecommunications, a menu is a list of commands presented to an operator by a computer or communications system. A menu is used in contrast to a command-line interface, where instructions to the computer are given in the form of commands (or verbs).
  7. Menu is a 1933 short comedy film directed by Nick Grinde, produced by Pete Smith, and filmed in Technicolor. The film was nominated for an Academy Award in 1933 for Best Short Subject (Novelty). ...
  8. The details of the food to be served at a banquet; a bill of fare; A printed list of dishes offered in a restaurant^W; A list from which the user may select an operation to be performed, often done with a mouse or other pointing device under a graphical user interface, but usually also ...
  9. (Menus) In PE, the menu system is QuickViews. There is also a (rarely needed) menu built into Chime.
  10. (Menus) Allow users to define menus, for example for navigation, and insert the menus into an Area defined by a theme.
  11. (Menus) In entries with five or more senses, a menu at the top of the entry guides you quickly to the meaning you want. No more wading through long entries until you find your meaning.
  12. A set of procedures that can be followed to change the characteristics of a balance. The menu is made up of a number of options, called parameters, that can be set at the factory or in some cases by the user.
  13. a list of program commands listed by topic.
  14. A list of information that leads to documents or other menus.
  15. In electronic publishing, a method for selecting alternative functions displayed as a list on a workstation screen. Selection via mouse, key or sequence of keys.
  16. Used in the context of general equities. Hierarchy of choices concerning price and volume of bids or offers proposed to a customer (e.g. Menu of offerings to a customer buyer - a) 10m @ 24 1/4; b) 25m @ 24 1/2; or c) 50m @ 24 3/4).
  17. Multiple Menus can be created within your system. See Section Auto Attendant. Each digit 0-9, the # key, and the * key can be configured with an action. ...
  18. A list of options from which a computer user makes a selection in order to determine the course of events in a program. This usually involves keying in a single letter or number, or selecting text or an Icon with a Mouse. See Main Menu, Menu Bar, Toolbar.
  19. A horizontal or vertical list of links to help readers navigate from place to place in your website. See “navigation.”
  20. This is a collection of shooting/playback functions that are available on the camera. The menu is displayed on the monitor when you press the MENU button. The menu is further divided into items such as "SETUP" and "MODE MENU"depending on their purposes. You can use the arrow pad to select a setting.
  21. A list of commands or options from which you can choose. Many applications have pull-down menus. You can choose an item from the menu by highlighting it and then pressing the Enter or Return key, or by pointing to the item with a mouse and clicking one of the mouse buttons.
  22. Choices and commands that are displayed on the screen and can be selected by the user.
  23. A list of the command choices available in a window.
  24. A context-related list of options that users can choose from.
  25. A list of choices displayed on a computer display screen, from which the user may choose a program action.