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medals, plural;
  1. Earn a medal, esp. in an athletic contest
    • - Norwegian athletes medaled in 12 of the 14 events
    • - the most medaled swimmer in Olympics history
  1. A metal disk with an inscription or design, made to commemorate an event or awarded as a distinction to someone such as a soldier, athlete, or scholar

  1. decoration: an award for winning a championship or commemorating some other event
  2. A medal, or medallion, is generally a circular object that has been sculpted, molded, cast, struck, stamped or some way rendered with an insignia, portrait or other artistic rendering. ...
  3. Medal were an English alternative rock band from Oxford.
  4. A stamped metal disc used as a personal ornament, a charm, or a religious object; A stamped or cast metal disc, particularly one awarded as a prize or reward; To win a medal
  5. (Medals) Awards given to the swimmers at meets. They vary in size and design and method of presentation.
  6. (Medals) (main): The Cross of St. ...
  7. (MEDALS) Symbols of recognition for work well done.
  8. (Medals) Awards from Australian wine shows for well-made wines. The capital-city wine shows are the most reliable indicators of quality. Gold medals are awarded to wines attaining 18.5 points or more out of twenty points; silver medals, 17.0 to 18.4; and bronze, 15.5 to 16.9.
  9. (Medals) awarded for combat and are used to advance your rank/title.
  10. (Medals) there were silver and bronze medals for club/league awards. A Munich medal also exists.
  11. Four Medals are possible for any given Quest: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and the coveted Platinum. The higher value medal earned, the more loot you receive at the end of a Quest - a combination of Simoles, Experience, RP, and varying payouts of the 4 Kingdom...
  12. To dream of medals, denotes honors gained by application and industry. To lose a medal, denotes misfortune through the unfaithfulness of others.
  13. A coin-like object struck to honor one or more persons or events, but without any denomination (which may then classify it as a commemorative coin).
  14. Usually a piece of metal, marked with a design or inscription, made to honor a person, place or event; not intended to pass as money.
  15. A score play competition where all shots are recorded and the winner is the one who took the least number.
  16. An embossed metal disc, cross or star struck to commemorate a particular event or service and awarded to individuals who become eligible for it or as a decoration or honour for distinguished military or civilian service.
  17. a gold, silver, or bronze award given to a winner or runner up
  18. An object made of metal that resembles a coin. Usually struck and given out to a special person or for an event. Medals have no intended value and are not designed to circulate as currency.
  19. small piece of metal (usually gold silver or bronze) bearing a relief on one or both sides; unlike coins they are cast, not struck or stamped
  20. a metal object resembling a coin but not used for legal tender.
  21. A medal, or more specifically a commemorative medal, is generally  a round metallic object which is manufactured to commemorate some person, thing, or event of historical interest and importance. ...
  22. A coin-like award usually made of metal and imprinted with a design and/or message denoting achievement. Medals usually contain a loop (jump ring) at the top allowing them to be attached to an accessory and worn by the recipient.
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  24. Called "Achievements" by most other games. A cosmetic "award" you get for performing a certain task or having certain things happen to you. It's against the rules to talk about them for the most part.
  25. A metal object resembling a coin issued to recognize an event, place, person or group, with no stated value and not intended to circulate as money.