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meats, plural;
  1. The flesh of an animal (esp. a mammal) as food
    • - rabbit meat
    • - meat sandwiches
    • - assorted meats
  2. The flesh of a person's body
    • - this'll put meat on your bones!
  3. The edible part of fruits or nuts

  4. The essence or chief part of something
    • - he did the meat of the climb on the first day
  5. Food of any kind

  1. the flesh of animals (including fishes and birds and snails) used as food
  2. kernel: the inner and usually edible part of a seed or grain or nut or fruit stone; "black walnut kernels are difficult to get out of the shell"
  3. kernel: the choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience; "the gist of the prosecutor's argument"; "the heart and soul of the Republican Party"; "the nub of the story"
  4. Meat is animal flesh that is used as food.Lawrie, 1. Most often, this means the skeletal muscle and associated fat, but it may also describe other edible tissues such as organs, livers, skin, brains, bone marrow, kidneys, or lungs. ...
  5. Meat is an album by Hawksley Workman, released January 19, 2010 on Isadora Records and Universal Music Canada.
  6. This is a list of characters from the Mortal Kombat fighting game series produced by Midway Games and the games in which they appear. The series takes place in a fictional universe composed of six realms, which were created by the Elder Gods. ...
  7. "Meat" is the fourth episode of the second series of British science fiction television series Torchwood, which was broadcast by BBC Two on 6 February 2008.
  8. Shawn Emile Stipich (born July 21, 1970) is a Canadian-American chiropractor and former professional wrestler. ...
  9. A type of food, a dish. [from 9th c.]; A meal. [from 9th c.]; The flesh of an animal used as food. [from 14th c.]; Any relatively thick, solid part of a fruit, nut etc. [from 15th c.]; The penis. [from 16th c.]; A type of meat, by anatomic position and provenance. [from 16th c. ...
  10. (Meats) Slang term for tires. Mostly used in drag racing.
  11. (Meats) ribs, shanks, shoulder bone-in or boneless, legs, rump, brisket, stew meat.
  12. For a woman to dream of raw meat, denotes that she will meet with much discouragement in accomplishing her aims. If she sees cooked meat, it denotes that others will obtain the object for which she will strive. See Beef.
  13. A local tattoo enthusiast who always has a fresh tattoo healing always has meat. This type of collector frequents the tattoo shop, getting a tat or two in short intervals.
  14. Most Economically Advantageous Tender
  15. Pork from feral boars, generally hunted and killed by John Locke. (However, since filming with boars was found to be a production nightmare (Lost: On Location (Season 1)), boar has been deemphasized as part of the Lostaway diet.)
  16. is flesh that may be eaten: Nathan is a vegetarian who doesn't eat meat at all.
  17. The essence of something. A wonderful commercial on TV in America many, many years ago had a charming little old lady asking: "Where's the beef?" This became an often heard saying.
  18. This means units that stand in the front of a battle and soak up damage such as Grunts, Footmen, Mountain Giants, and so on.
  19. is scarce and expensive and is eaten sparingly. Sheep and goat meat are the most common. Beef is little eaten since the plateau is too dry to sustain herds of cows. Camel meat is also eaten, but it is poultry and game that offer most variety. ...
  20. Eating meat was long a taboo in Japan. An imperial decree against eating several kinds of meats was issued in 675 C.E. ...
  21. as in "He's your meat": He's the subject of interest, there's your man
  22. food made from a lifeform that, when intact, has a face. Some people who are part of the Big Fun scene, girls mostly, do not eat meat. These include Matthew Hart, Sara Poiron, the Pegger, and Deya. At Big Fun, the reason for most people's vegetarianism seems to be connected with animal rights. ...
  23. This word means “of animal origin”, usually muscle. When I say “eat meat”, it refers to beef, pork, poultry, seafood, fish, eggs, etc.
  24. (alternately Oz, Ozzy) – Meat, short for Meat Loaf, is the main female Bohemian. In some productions, the character is named Oz after Ozzy Osbourne.
  25. Tissue of the animal body that are used for food.