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Having no meaning or significance,
  1. Having no meaning or significance
    • - the paragraph was a jumble of meaningless words
  2. Having no purpose or reason
    • - the Great War was an outstanding example of meaningless conflict
    • - rules are meaningless to a child if they do not have a rationale

  1. having no meaning or direction or purpose; "a meaningless endeavor"; "a meaningless life"; "a verbose but meaningless explanation"
  2. (meaninglessness) the quality of having no value or significance; "he resented the meaninglessness of the tasks they assigned him"
  3. Meaningless is singer-songwriter Jon Brion's 2001 debut solo album. Initially slated for release on Lava Records, the album was ultimately released independently by Brion on his own "Straight to Cut-Out" label, sold through his website and CD Baby.
  4. Passenger is the third album by the Danish industrial metal band Mnemic, and is the first to feature vocalist Guillaume Bideau (formerly of Scarve).
  5. (Meaninglessness) In existentialism, meaning is understood as the worth of life. Meaning in existentialism is unlike typical conceptions of "the meaning of life", because it is descriptive. Due to the method of existentialism, prescriptive or declarative statements about meaning are unjustified. ...
  6. Lacking meaning; insignificant
  7. Having no meaning or importance. Having no meaning, direction, or purpose.