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Having meaning,
  1. Having meaning
    • - meaningful elements in a language
    • - questions that are meaningful to students
  2. Having a serious, important, or useful quality or purpose
    • - making our lives rich and meaningful
  3. Communicating something that is not directly expressed
    • - meaningful glances and repressed passion
  4. Having a recognizable function in a logical language or other sign system

  1. having a meaning or purpose; "a meaningful explanation"; "a meaningful discussion"; "a meaningful pause"
  2. (meaningfulness) the quality of having great value or significance
  3. Meaning in linguistics is what is expressed by the writer or speaker, and what is conveyed to the reader or listener. Meaning is inferred from objects or concepts expressed by words, phrases or sentences in semantics. ...
  4. The curriculum emphasises the active construction of meaning, so that all students find purpose in their studies.
  5. deeper meaning, fitting, necessary, meant to be there, essentiality, (meaningless, superflous, additative) Architecture, for thise that inhabit it is considered most successful when it gives expresson and meaning to the life that inhabits it (Ballantyne) but what does it mean to give expression ...
  6. I really dislike that '70s made-up word, especially when used in place of 'relevant.' Put 'relevant in that sentence and see if it makes any sense; it doesn't, of course.