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Comprehensive knowledge or skill in a subject or accomplishment,
  1. Comprehensive knowledge or skill in a subject or accomplishment
    • - she played with some mastery
  2. The action or process of mastering a subject or accomplishment
    • - a child's mastery of language
  3. Control or superiority over someone or something
    • - man's mastery over nature

  1. command: great skillfulness and knowledge of some subject or activity; "a good command of French"
  2. domination: power to dominate or defeat; "mastery of the seas"
  3. the act of mastering or subordinating someone
  4. A skill is the learned capacity to carry out pre-determined results often with the minimum outlay of time, energy, or both. Skills can often be divided into domain-general and domain-specific skills. ...
  5. The position or authority of a master; dominion; command; supremacy; superiority; Superiority in war or competition; victory; triumph; preeminence; Contest for superiority. ...
  6. Possession of consummate skill
  7. Skill or knowledge of a technique or topic. In the arts and aging field, a primary programmatic goal is for older adult participants to gain mastery.
  8. (regarding the absorptions): s. vasí. - 8 stages of: abhibháyatana (q.v.).
  9. When a client demonstrates a skill independently and across multiple environments.  The typical mastery criteria is that a client must answer correctly three consecutive days in a row over two different therapists.
  10. highest development in any band of the Great Continuum of Consciousness, where an initiate is Divinely empowered to minister to you and guide you.
  11. The point at which the student can accomplish a task correctly nine out of ten times. (It is generally accepted that this is the point at which the student will be able to retain the ability to independently accomplish the skill in the future. ...
  12. A character’s magical power. Mastery is used to calculate the power of a character’s spells.
  13. Winning the match with all your HP intact, this increases your Electrum award at the end of the match.
  14. Placing 75 points in a Skill grants additional bonuses.
  15. That area of magic in which a student studies, or which a scholar is recognized to have knowledge and power in. ...
  16. Proficiency in dealing successfully with the challenges of living that occur at any point in time. [5]
  17. is the state or condition of being a controller or ruler, authority, sway, dominion. Mastery is the personal expression of the white Light of the Christ, which is selfless and pure, perfect and whole in every way, at all times, in every form. ...