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The tendency to derive pleasure, esp. sexual gratification, from one's own pain or humiliation,
  1. The tendency to derive pleasure, esp. sexual gratification, from one's own pain or humiliation

  2. (in general use) The enjoyment of what appears to be painful or tiresome
    • - isn't there some masochism involved in taking on this kind of project?

  1. sexual pleasure obtained from receiving punishment (physical or psychological)
  2. (masochistic) deriving pleasure or sexual gratification from being abused or dominated
  3. Sadism is pleasure in the infliction of pain or humiliation upon another person, while masochism is pleasure in receiving the pain. These practices are often related and are collectively known as sadomasochism as well as S&M or SM. ...
  4. (Masochist (album)) Masochist is the first full-length album by deathcore band Elysia. It was originally planned to be released on This City Is Burning Records, but problems forced them to release it independently. ...
  5. the enjoyment of receiving pain
  6. (masochist) someone who enjoys pain, or who derives pleasure from harming oneself or being harmed by others
  7. (Masochist) Trauma surgeon; Sadomasochist – Neurosurgeon.
  8. (masochist) n. someone lacking a sense of self preservation. See marshal, navigator
  9. (masochist) one who derives satisfaction from suffering pain
  10. (masochistic) (meaning deriving pleasure from pain) — named after Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (Austrian writer)
  11. (Masochists) Exceptionally mentally retarded life forms who actually enjoy football, coffee and rugby.
  12. caused by an alloy of erotism and a sadistic superego. It fills the ego with a desire to atone by punishing itself. An original or primary masochism develops into a 1. feminine, 2. erotogenic, or 3. moral masochism via a turning of unresolved sadism against oneself (secondary masochism). ...
  13. Sparks given off by oyster-beds when the tides come in.
  14. (in  masochism (psychosexual disorder))
  15. a marked tendency to procure or increase sexual gratification by submitting others to painful or humiliating experiences. See also ‘Sadism’.
  16. The disorder that drives people to seek pain and punishment.
  17. A mental disorder in which a person obtains sexual satisfaction through pain or humiliation inflicted by the self or by another person. The term is sometimes used more generally to refer to a tendency to find pleasure in submissiveness or self-denial.
  18. a term to denote a person's achieving sexual gratification from pain inflicted by another person.