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marquesses, plural;
  1. A British nobleman ranking above an earl and below a duke

  1. marquis: nobleman (in various countries) ranking above a count
  2. a British peer ranking below a duke and above an earl
  3. A marquess or marquis (from French "marquis") is a nobleman of hereditary rank in various European monarchies and some of their colonies. The term is also used to render equivalent oriental styles as in imperial China, Japan, and Vietnam (Annam). ...
  4. Marquess is the first self-titled studio album by German Latin-Pop band Marquess. It was released on September 28, 2006. The first single was El Temperamento.
  5. Marquess is a German pop band established in 2006 in Hannover. The group predominantly sings songs in Spanish.
  6. The first Marquess was appointed in 1385. Except on formal occasions he and his wife are referred to as Lord and Lady, and their children as Lord and Lady before their Christian names. ...
  7. British peerage title ranking immediately below that of duke; also English translation of marquis.