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marketplaces, plural;
  1. An open space where a market is or was formerly held in a town

  2. The arena of competitive or commercial dealings; the world of trade
    • - the changing demands of the global marketplace

  1. market: the world of commercial activity where goods and services are bought and sold; "without competition there would be no market"; "they were driven from the marketplace"
  2. an area in a town where a public mercantile establishment is set up
  3. A marketplace is the space, actual, virtual or metaphorical, in which a market operates. The term is also used in a trademark law context to denote the actual consumer environment, ie. the 'real world' in which products and services are provided and consumed.
  4. Marketplace is a radio program that focuses on business, the economy, and events that influence them. ...
  5. Marketplace is a Canadian television series, broadcast on CBC Television. Launched in 1972, the series is a consumer advocacy newsmagazine, which shows investigative reports on issues such as product testing, health and safety, fraudulent business practices and other news issues of interest to ...
  6. Classifieds | Jobs | Cars | Real Estate | Legals | Buy an Ad
  7. A subset of the larger environment in which the college or university must create sustaining exchange relationships with key audiences
  8. An electronic trading community in which buyers and sellers use a common internet portal, also called Direct Connect. ...
  9. Online trading environment that brings together buyers and sellers.
  10. an online market in which agencies with merchant relationships and deal publishers with a consumer audience exchange group offers
  11. Any place of public resort, and hence a public place or broad street (Mat 11:16; Mat 20:3), as well as a forum or market-place proper, where goods were exposed for sale, and where public assemblies and trials were held (Act 16:19; Act 17:17). ...
  12. A travel trade event where tourism suppliers have scheduled appointments with travel trade buyers.
  13. The TourCMS Marketplace connects the Tour Operators using TourCMS with third party Partners who can promote their products, providing traffic, leads and sales. Learn more about The Marketplace
  14. An online web site that supports multiple buyers and sellers. Examples include Pantellos,Trade Ranger and ChemConnect
  15. Individual listings for items in library created by Artists, Manufacturers or Users/Collectors.
  16. Wherever two or more people agree to buy and sell a product.
  17. Advertising  / Air Service  / Arts & Entertainment  / Automotive  / Beauty & Massage Therapy  / Churches  / Computers & Electronics  / Concrete  / Education  / Farm  / Financial Services  / Food & Dining  / Funeral Services  / Furniture Dealers  / Government  / Hardware & Building Supplies  / ...
  18. a specific venue for multiple vendors to sell goods and services, and a general term to characterize the environment in which competitors vie for consumer dollars by offering products and services.
  19. Your one and only targeted customer. And your database. [Hint: Don't say "I'm going to enter you into our database.' Do say 'I'm entering you into my marketplace."]
  20. An impact area affected by the development, purchasing, selling and marketing of products and services.
  21. An organized venue, apart from CME, for the trade of securities, commodities or derivative instruments including, but not limited to, futures, options, options on futures or Security Futures Products.
  22. This is a physical or virtual location where people meet to buy and sell products. A physical location refers to a certain geographical area, such as a street corner, meeting place, neighborhood, city, state, country, or the entire world. A virtual location refers to the Internet.
  23. A player can sell any of his diamonds, corn, wood, potions, or spells on the marketplace, by placing them in the marketplace at the end of the turn. ...
  24. Facebook Marketplace is a feature developed by Facebook that allows users to post free classified ads within the following categories: For Sale, Housing, Jobs, and Other. Ads can be posted as either available and offered, or wanted.
  25. A gathering of people for the purpose of buying, selling, and trading at agreed upon prices