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marched, past participle; marches, 3rd person singular present; marching, present participle; marched, past tense;
  1. (of a country, territory, or estate) Have a common frontier with

  1. A frontier or border area between two countries or territories, esp. between England and Wales or (formerly) England and Scotland
    • - the Welsh Marches
  2. A region of east central Italy, between the Apennines and the Adriatic Sea; capital, Ancona. Italian name Marche

  1. the month following February and preceding April
  2. march in a procession; "They processed into the dining room"
  3. force to march; "The Japanese marched their prisoners through Manchuria"
  4. the act of marching; walking with regular steps (especially in a procession of some kind); "it was a long march"; "we heard the sound of marching"
  5. a steady advance; "the march of science"; "the march of time"
  6. walk fast, with regular or measured steps; walk with a stride; "He marched into the classroom and announced the exam"; "The soldiers marched across the border"
  7. March is the third month of the year in the Gregorian Calendar, and one of the seven months which are 31 days long.
  8. March is a municipality in the district of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald in Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany.
  9. March District is a district in Canton of Schwyz, Switzerland. The coat of arms of the district is gules, an annulet sable — a black ring on a red background. It has a population of (as of).
  10. March is a 1989 musical album by British-based American new wave singer Lene Lovich. Released on Pathfinder Records, it was her first new full-length album since No Man's Land in 1982. ...
  11. March is the debut album of singer-songwriter Michael Penn, released in 1989.
  12. March is a novel by Geraldine Brooks. It is a parallel novel that retells Louisa May Alcott's novel Little Women from the point of view of Alcott's protagonists' absent father. ...
  13. A formal, rhythmic way of walking, used especially by soldiers, bands and in ceremonies; A political rally or parade; Any song in the genre of music written for marching (see Wikipedia's article on this type of music); Steady forward movement or progression; Smallage; To walk with long, regular ...
  14. To dream of marching to the strains of music, indicates that you are ambitious to become a soldier or a public official, but you should consider all things well before making final decision. For women to dream of seeing men marching, foretells their inclination for men in public positions. ...
  15. progression of muscular convulsions from one muscle or muscle group to another.
  16. This is the first month of the Roman year. It is named after the Roman god of war, Mars.
  17. (arr from 'Partita academica'). 1969. Org. Ms
  18. Instrumental music with a repeated and regular rhythm such as might appropriately accompany a marching group.
  19. Music for marching, usually in quick 2/4 or 6/8 time or slow 4/4 time.
  20. "Silver State Fanfare" by Gerald Willis
  21. ASL Video Dictionary and Inflection Guide * Signing Online * LessonTutor ASL Pro ASL Pro
  22. “music with simple, strongly marked rhythm (4/4) and regular phrases, designed to accompany marching groups or some dances” (From the CCP Encyclopedia of Art, vol. 6, p. 100)
  23. 1) Short piece of music in double time intended to be played while marching in a parade, 2) the month during which concert contests usually take place.
  24. Music for marching, such as in a parade or procession.
  25. The old time grand free street parade, horse drawn.