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mailboxes, plural;
  1. A public box with a slot into which mail is placed for collection by the post office

  2. A private box into which mail is delivered, esp. one mounted on a post at the entrance to a person's property

  3. A computer file in which e-mail messages received by a particular user are stored

  1. a private box for delivery of mail
  2. In computer science, message queues and mailboxes are software-engineering components used for interprocess communication, or for inter-thread communication within the same process. They use a queue for messaging – the passing of control or of content. ...
  3. An email mailbox (also email box, e-mailbox) is the equivalent of a letter box for electronic mail; it is where electronic mail messages are delivered.
  4. The NBC sitcom My Name Is Earl ran for four seasons, with a total of 96 episodes.
  5. The Mailbox is an upmarket development of offices, designer shops, restaurants, bars and luxury city-centre apartments in Birmingham, West Midlands, England. It includes a mini supermarket and three art galleries: the Artlounge, Castle Galleries and the Three White Walls Gallery. ...
  6. (Mailboxing) Mailbox baseball or mailboxing is the act of using a baseball bat or other objects to knock over, dent, or smash roadside mailboxes by a passenger in a car. It can be played either as a game, with score kept in a manner similar to baseball, or played simply for aimless fun. ...
  7. A box into which mail is put; A folder or account for the storage of e-mail; an in-box
  8. (Mailboxes) The European name for a BBS or online service.
  9. (mailboxes) One word, not mail boxes.
  10. A file storage area within a computer, usually one used by a Network Service Provider, where information is placed until it can be retrieved by the intended receiver.
  11. (n.) an address used as a source or destination designator in a message.
  12. Either an answering machine or a computer service that enables the user to leave voice announcements, text messages, digital images or any other type of file. Ordinarily, mailboxes are accessed via telephone lines through the use of a modem.
  13. A reference to the location where voicemail messages for a particular user are stored.
  14. A directory or folder for filing and storing messages in your e-mail program.
  15. A directory that stores messages for a single user.
  16. The queue were an actor’s messages are stored until the actor processes them in the actor model of concurrency.
  17. The Mailbox server role is responsible for hosting mailbox and public folder databases. A mailbox database contains the users' mailboxes.
  18. The location on a host computer where a user's electronic mail is sent and stored.
  19. A delivery point for a trading partner on a value added network (VAN).
  20. This is the folder in you email application that contains your emails.
  21. Home mailbox is a means of postal network for delivery of postal items which is used for delivery to the addressee, and it is located in a residential building or at the entrance to the yard.
  22. Location (typically file) in which incoming mail is stored until the MUA retrieves it. Also sometimes called spool file or maildrop; on most UNIX systems it is named /var/spool/mail/<username>.
  23. The place from which your email comes and goes.
  24. programm, which stores mail which can be accessed by other users.
  25. The bit of the mailserver that stores your email.