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machineries, plural;
  1. Machines collectively
    • - farm machinery
  2. The components of a machine
    • - the movement of the machinery
  3. The organization or structure of something
    • - the machinery of democracy
  4. The means devised or available to do something
    • - with the grievance machinery in place

  1. machines or machine systems collectively
  2. a system of means and activities whereby a social institution functions; "the complex machinery of negotiation"; "the machinery of command labored and brought forth an order"
  3. A machine is a that uses energy to perform some activity. In common usage, the meaning is that of a device having parts that perform or assist in performing any type of work. A simple machine is a device that transforms the direction or magnitude of a force without consuming any energy. ...
  4. The machines constituting a production apparatus, in a plant etc., collectively; The working parts of a machine as a group; The collective parts of something which allow it to function; The literary devices used in a work, notably for dramatic effect
  5. To dream of machinery, denotes you will undertake some project which will give great anxiety, but which will finally result in good for you. To see old machinery, foretells enemies will overcome in your strivings to build up your fortune. ...
  6. means an engine, motor, or other appliance that provides mechanical energy derived from compressed air, the combustion of fuel, electricity, gas, gaseous products, steam, water, wind, or any other source; and includes -
  7. Gives the number of shafts and boilers and the total shaft horsepower, which have some bearing on the ability of the ship to survive flooding.
  8. used in industrial processes to produce the finished product for sale. (Manufacturing).
  9. A term encompassing man-made mechanical devices, usually powered, which are designated to create a product or in some manner alter the state of a material or partial product.
  10. Industrial Repair removes damage from this character, even though it does not have Mounted Weapon.
  11. An assembly of linked parts or components, at least one of which moves, with the appropriate actuators, control and power circuits, etc., joined together for a specific application, in particular for the processing, treatment, moving, or packaging of a material. (There are some specific exclusions.)
  12. A dream of machinery is an omen of success after adversity. If the machinery you will have to overcome some enemies to reach your goals. If you are caught or injured in the machinery then will you suffer unhappiness and loss. ...
  13. Closing inventory value based on cost of replacement.
  14. All spaces in a ship that primarily contain operating equipment such as main propulsion machinery, auxiliary machinery, pumping systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning machinery, etc.
  15. engineering, mechanism.