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lounged, past participle; lounges, 3rd person singular present; lounging, present participle; lounged, past tense;
  1. Lie, sit, or stand in a relaxed or lazy way
    • - several students were lounging about reading papers
  1. A public room, as in a hotel, theater, or club, in which to sit and relax

  2. A spacious area in an airport with seats for waiting passengers
    • - the departure lounge
  3. A couch or sofa, esp. a backless one having a headrest at one end

  1. sit or recline comfortably; "He was lounging on the sofa"
  2. sofa: an upholstered seat for more than one person
  3. a room (as in a hotel or airport) with seating where people can wait
  4. loiter: be about; "The high school students like to loiter in the Central Square"; "Who is this man that is hanging around the department?"
  5. The Lonesome Crowded West is the second full-length album recorded by indie rock band Modest Mouse.
  6. Lounge music is a retrospective description of music popular in the 1950s and 1960s encompassing the exotica, easy listening, and space age pop genres. ...
  7. The Lounge is a 24-hour music network produced by Dial Global and distributed under their Dial Global Local brand (formerly by Waitt Radio Networks). The network's tag line is Great Songs and Stars. ...
  8. A waiting room in an office, airport etc; A domestic living room; An establishment, similar to a bar, that serves alcohol and you are able to sit comfortably as music is being played softly in the background and/or a television program is being displayed ; A large comfortable seat for two or ...
  9. To lounge [a Middle English pejorative for "idle fellow"] is to engage in the most spectacular form of indolence as yet known to us. ...
  10. Lounge music refers to music played in the lounges and bars of hotels and casinos, or at standalone piano bars. Generally, the performers include a singer and one or two other musicians. ...
  11. The area where keno players can sit to mark their tickets and watch the game.  Normally rows of connected seats with a small desk top with a cup holder.  Always stocked with blanks, crayons, instructions, etc.
  12. Relaxing, letting go / Lack of motivation; wasting time / The state of your social life
  13. living room; also sofa. A "lounge suite" is a matched set of living room furniture, which includes sofa(s), chairs, and sometimes tables.
  14. Living room or atmosphere of being destined to the social coexistence, accomplishment of encounters, meetings and other events.
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  17. A loitering place, or gossiping shop.
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  21. n. 1. Living room. Drawing room. Sitting room.
  22. a forced fad revolving around a full screen picture of a lounge.
  23. 18'6" x 13'4" (5.64m x 4.06m). Good sized public room with front facing bay window formation. Ceiling cornicing, centre rose and light point. Picture rail. Two radiators. Fitted carpet. Power points.
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