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linkers, plural;
  1. A thing that links other things, in particular

  2. A program used with a compiler or assembler to provide links to the libraries needed for an executable program

  3. An attachment on a knitting machine for linking two pieces of knitting

  1. In computer science, a linker or link editor is a program that takes one or more objects generated by a compiler and combines them into a single executable program.
  2. (Linkers) Short oligonucleotides that can be ligated (connected) to larger DNA fragments, then cleaved (cut) to yield overlapping cohesive (sticky) ends, suitable for ligation to other DNAs that contain comparable cohesive ends.
  3. The utility used to link .obj files to create system executable files or dynamic link libraries.
  4. [BSG] Supervisor facility that implements dynamic linking. Initially, the linker was not part of the supervisor; nothing that it does is privileged in the sense that it can affect any system or process data of any domain more privileged than the ring making the reference. ...
  5. (French : lieur) Synthetic bicatenary olinucleotide added in vitro to a DNA sequence that brings a new restriction site.
  6. A synthetic double-stranded oligonucleotide that carries the sequence for one or more restriction endonuclease sites.
  7. a double-stranded oligonucleotide which is ligated to a DNA fragment of interest to assist cloning or PCR amplification. See, for example, Figures 6.12 and 20.7.
  8. Part of a function Mode – an object responsible for ‘running’ the compiled function. Among other things, the linker determines whether computations are carried out with C or Python code.
  9. A program specifically designed to combine or link together a large number of programs forming a single executable instruction set for these programs that can be loaded in to the systems memory for quick execution.
  10. A program that combines one or more files containing object code  into a single file containing executable code. The linker resolves external references among the files, such as function calls. The output of a linker is a machine-code program ready to be loaded into memory and executed.
  11. Utility program used to combine relocatable object modules into an absolute file ready for execution. For example, LINK-80(TM) creates either a COM or PRL file from relocatable REL files, such as those produced by PL/1-80(TM).
  12. He’s got a theory. It’s based on this link. And this link. And this link. It’s going to rock your world, but he can’t explain it here. You’ve got to read the links. Have you read the links yet? Why aren’t you reading the links?
  13. A system program that creates an executable program from one or more object files (or modules) produced by a language compiler or assembler. ...