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lingering, present participle; lingered, past tense; lingers, 3rd person singular present; lingered, past participle;
  1. Stay in a place longer than necessary, typically because of a reluctance to leave
    • - she lingered in the yard, enjoying the warm sunshine
    • - she let her eyes linger on him suggestively
  2. Spend a long time over (something)
    • - she lingered over her meal
  3. Be slow to disappear or die
    • - the tradition seems to linger on
    • - we are thankful that she didn't linger on and suffer

  1. remain present although waning or gradually dying; "Her perfume lingered on"
  2. loiter: be about; "The high school students like to loiter in the Central Square"; "Who is this man that is hanging around the department?"
  3. tarry: leave slowly and hesitantly
  4. take one's time; proceed slowly
  5. hover: move to and fro; "The shy student lingered in the corner"
  6. (lingering) tarriance: the act of tarrying
  7. Linger is a 2008 Hong Kong romantic drama film directed by Johnnie To and starring Li Bingbing and Vic Chou of F4 fame in his film debut. Li plays a woman who is visited by the ghost of her former boyfriend (Chou), who died in a car accident three years earlier. ...
  8. "Linger" is a song composed by Irish musicians Dolores O'Riordan and Noel Hogan of the rock band The Cranberries. The song, which has an acoustic arrangement featuring a string section, became the band's first major hit, peaking at #3 in the Republic of Ireland, #8 in the US and #14 in the UK.
  9. To stay or remain
  10. (Lingering) Used to describe the flavor and persistence of flavor in a wine after tasting. When the aftertaste remains on the palate for several seconds, it is said to be lingering.
  11. (Lingering) Flavour/aroma that stays.
  12. (lingering) A reference to the amount of time flavors remain in the mouth after a wine is swallowed or spat. Higher quality wines usually linger longer.
  13. to remain or stay on in a place longer than is usual or expected, as if from reluctance to leave
  14. remain, stay behind, hang around, loiter
  15. In our dreamworld of separation from God, Spirit and the Sonship we linger in time, on battlegrounds of conflict and among lingering illusions of all kinds. These lingering illusions impel us to seek thousands of false solutions to our plight such as dreams and idols we have not yet tried. ...
  16. Yue Ling. See Kay-er and Lai-er.
  17. (v) aşıqmazģa, mıçırģa
  18. to be slow in parting