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lined, past participle; lined, past tense; lining, present participle; lines, 3rd person singular present;
  1. Cover the inside surface of (a container or garment) with a layer of different material
    • - a basket lined with polyethylene
  2. Form a layer on the inside surface of (an area); cover as if with a lining
    • - hundreds of telegrams lined the walls

  1. bordered by a line of things; "tree lined streets"
  2. (used especially of skin) marked by lines or seams; "their lined faces were immeasurably sad"; "a seamed face"
  3. having a lining or a liner; often used in combination; "a lined skirt"; "a silk-lined jacket"
  4. (lining) a protective covering that protects an inside surface
  5. (lining) liner: a piece of cloth that is used as the inside surface of a garment
  6. (lining) providing something with a surface of a different material
  7. (Lining (sewing)) In sewing and tailoring, a lining is an inner layer of fabric, fur, or other material inserted into clothing, hats, luggage, curtains, handbags and similar items.
  8. Having a lining, an inner layer or covering; Having lines, ruled; Having visible lines or wrinkles
  9. (lining) A covering for the inside surface of something; The material used for such a covering; The act of attaching such a covering
  10. (Lining) Inside refractory layer of firebrick, clay, sand, or other material in a furnace or ladle.
  11. (lining) any sheet, plate, or layer of material attached directly to the inside face of formwork to improve or alter the surface texture and quality of the finished concrete.  (See also form lining, tunnel lining, and sheathing.)
  12. (Lining) The handler's adjustment in setting up the position of his/her dog before running the mark or blind.
  13. Lining is an extra layer of fabric sewn into the inside of a garment for added comfort or modesty.
  14. (lining (super, mull, crash and gauze)) Cotton, muslin, gauze, crash, paper and other materials used to reinforce spines of library bound books. Lining provides the means for a firm connection between text block and cover and gives shape and firmness to the binding. ...
  15. Lining is a fabric used to cover the inside of a garment. Generally lining is made of a smooth fabric.
  16. (Lining) With reference to a canal, tunnel, shaft or reservoir, a coating of asphaltic concrete, reinforced or unreinforced concrete, shotcrete, rubber or plastic to provide water tightness, prevent erosion, reduce friction, or support the periphery of the structure. ...
  17. (Lining) The use of ropes to manoeuvre a canoe downstream.
  18. (Lining) The material inside a shoe.
  19. (Lining) A fabric backing for a drapery
  20. The lining is either solid wood, small wooden blocks or segmented tapered or rounded wood that is glued to the inside of the guitar. It is used to join the top to the sides and the back to the sides.
  21. (Lining) an additional layer of different material attached to the inside of a garment to make it warmer or hang better.
  22. (LINING) General term for an interior rubber lining in a tank car.
  23. (Lining) (Lyning, Internal strengthening)
  24. (Lining) A conservation term for placing a new canvas on the back of a deteriorating original oil painting.
  25. (Lining) A lighter weight fabric is always used for this, which will be inside the garment and usually made of a slick material. This helps the wearer to get the garment on, especially when wearing it over another piece of clothing. Coats are usually lined with some type of satin fabric. ...