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lines, plural;
  1. Cover the inside surface of (a container or garment) with a layer of different material
    • - a basket lined with polyethylene
  2. Form a layer on the inside surface of (an area); cover as if with a lining
    • - hundreds of telegrams lined the walls
  1. A long, narrow mark or band
    • - a row of closely spaced dots will look like a continuous line
    • - I can't draw a straight line
  2. A straight or curved continuous extent of length without breadth

  3. A positioning or movement of a thing or things that creates or appears to follow such a line
    • - her mouth set in an angry line
    • - the ball rose in a straight line
  4. A furrow or wrinkle in the skin of the face or hands

  5. A contour or outline considered as a feature of design or composition
    • - crisp architectural lines
    • - the artist's use of clean line and color
  6. (on a map or graph) A curve connecting all points having a specified common property

  7. A line marking the starting or finishing point in a race

  8. A line marked on a field or court that relates to the rules of a game or sport

  9. The line of scrimmage

  10. The equator

  11. A notional limit or boundary
    • - the issue of peace cut across class lines
    • - television blurs the line between news and entertainment
  12. Each of the very narrow horizontal sections forming a television picture

  13. A narrow range of the spectrum noticeably brighter or darker than the adjacent parts

  14. The level of the base of most letters, such as h and x, in printing and writing

  15. Denoting an illustration or graphic consisting of lines and solid areas, with no gradation of tone
    • - a line block
    • - line art
  16. Each of (usually five) horizontal lines forming a staff in musical notation

  17. A sequence of notes or tones forming an instrumental or vocal melody
    • - a powerful melodic line
  18. A dose of a powdered narcotic or hallucinatory drug, esp. cocaine or heroin, laid out in a line

  19. A length of cord, rope, wire, or other material serving a particular purpose
    • - wring the clothes and hang them on the line
    • - a telephone line
  20. One of a vessel's mooring ropes

  21. A telephone connection
    • - she had a crank on the line
  22. A railroad track

  23. A branch or route of a railroad system
    • - the Philadelphia to Baltimore line
  24. A company that provides ships, aircraft, or buses on particular routes on a regular basis
    • - a major shipping line
  25. A horizontal row of written or printed words

  26. A part of a poem forming one such row
    • - each stanza has eight lines
  27. The words of an actor's part in a play or film

  28. A particularly noteworthy written or spoken sentence
    • - his speech ended with a line about the failure of justice
  29. An amount of text or number of repetitions of a sentence written out as a school punishment

  30. A row of people or things
    • - a line of acolytes proceeded down the aisle
  31. A row or sequence of people or vehicles awaiting their turn to be attended to or to proceed

  32. A connected series of people following one another in time (used esp. of several generations of a family)
    • - we follow the history of a family through the male line
  33. (in football, hockey, etc.) A set of players in the forwardmost positions for offense or defense

  34. One of the positions on the line of scrimmage

  35. A series of related things
    • - the bill is the latest in a long line of measures to protect society from criminals
  36. A range of commercial goods
    • - the company intends to hire more people and expand its product line
  37. A false or exaggerated account or story
    • - he feeds me a line about this operation
  38. The point spread for sports events on which bets may be made

  39. An area or branch of activity
    • - the stresses unique to their line of work
  40. A direction, course, or channel
    • - lines of communication
    • - he opened another line of attack
  41. A manner of doing or thinking about something
    • - you can't run a business on these lines
    • - the superintendent was thinking along the same lines
  42. An agreed-upon approach; a policy
    • - the official line is that there were no chemical attacks on allied troops
  43. A connected series of military fieldworks or defenses facing an enemy force
    • - raids behind enemy lines
  44. An arrangement of soldiers or ships in a column or line formation; a line of battle

  45. Regular army regiments (as opposed to auxiliary forces or household troops)

  1. be in line with; form a line along; "trees line the riverbank"
  2. a formation of people or things one beside another; "the line of soldiers advanced with their bayonets fixed"; "they were arrayed in line of battle"; "the cast stood in line for the curtain call"
  3. a mark that is long relative to its width; "He drew a line on the chart"
  4. cover the interior of; "line the gloves"; "line a chimney"
  5. trace: make a mark or lines on a surface; "draw a line"; "trace the outline of a figure in the sand"
  6. a length (straight or curved) without breadth or thickness; the trace of a moving point
  7. Líně is a village and municipality (obec) in Plzeň-North District in the Plzeň Region of the Czech Republic.
  8. In architecture and building engineering, a floor plan, or floorplan, is a diagram, usually to scale, showing the relationships between rooms, spaces and other physical features at one level of a structure.
  9. LINE is a close quarters combat system, derived from various martial arts, used by the United States Marine Corps between 1989 and 1998. It was developed by retired Marine Ron Donvito after extensive study of human anatomy and various martial arts.
  10. The line formation is a standard tactical formation which has been used throughout history. This formation provided the best frontage for volley fire, while sacrificing maneuverability and defence against cavalry. ...
  11. In Euclidean geometry, a line is a straight curve. When geometry is used to model the real world, lines are used to represent straight objects with negligible width and height. ...
  12. Line is a female given name, most common in the Nordic countries Denmark and Norway. It is a short form of names ended with -line, like Caroline. The Swedish form is Lina. In Norway it's Name day is the 20th January.
  13. A path through two or more points (compare ‘segment’); a continuous mark, including as made by a pen; any path, curved or straight. (geometry) An infinitely extending one-dimensional figure that has no curvature; one that has length but not breadth or thickness. ...
  14. (Lines) The ropes held by the coxswain to control the rudder.
  15. (Lines) Another word for odds.
  16. (lines) In lamp arrays, vertically stacked lamp banks creating a single line of copy. A line is typically seven or nine lamps in height.
  17. (Lines) were used for measuring and dividing land; and hence the word came to denote a portion or inheritance measured out; a possession (Ps. 16:6).
  18. (Lines) Odds offered to the punter.
  19. (A (attacking) – Lines) the two double-corner diagonals stretching from 1 to 28 and from 32 to 5.
  20. (LINES) The speeches of your role in the script.
  21. (LINEs) (long interspersed elements) are long DNA sequences (>5kb^[9]) that represent reverse-transcribed RNA molecules originally transcribed by RNA polymerase II into mRNA (messenger RNA to be translated into protein on ribosomes). ...
  22. (LINEs) (long interspersed nuclear elements)  Families of long (average length = 6 500 bp), moderately repetitive (about 10,000 copies). LINEs are cDNA copies of functional genes present in the same genome; also known as processed pseudo-genes.
  23. (Lines) A "Line" is a rope used on a boat; the term rope is not used on a boat. Lines can be used to secure the boat to a structure referred to as mooring lines or dock lines. A painter is a line from the bow of a dinghy used for towing or securing it to a dock.
  24. (Lines) A set of long leather straps attached to the bridle to guide and control a team of animals pulling a wagon, sled, etc. When riding horseback, these are referred to as reins.
  25. (Lines) A unique method of measuring density of area rugs that are hand made in China, and now adapted by a few other countries. By "lines" they mean how many knots or tufts to a linear foot. ...