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  1. leukemia: malignant neoplasm of blood-forming tissues; characterized by abnormal proliferation of leukocytes; one of the four major types of cancer
  2. Leukemia (American English) or leukaemia (British English; Greek leukos ', "white"; aima ', "blood") is a cancer of the blood or bone marrow characterized by an abnormal increase of blood cells, usually leukocytes (white blood cells). Leukemia is a broad term covering a spectrum of diseases. ...
  3. Group of cancers of the blood-forming tissues
  4. Alternative spelling of leukaemia
  5. A cancer of the blood or bone marrow. Leukaemia, like other cancers, result from changes to the DNA which activate cancer-causing cells or deactivate cancer-suppressing cells. ...
  6. An increase in the number of ineffective and immature white blood cells causing a weakened immune system which leaves the body susceptible to infection.
  7. lit. "white blood" – cancer of the developing cells of the bone marrow, leading to massive overproduction of leucocytes.
  8. Form of cancer resulting in an overproduction of abnormal white blood cells. This overproduction suppresses normal red blood cell and platelet production.
  9. Cancer-like disease of the blood characterised by a proliferation of white cells. It can be caused by exposure to radiation, but it is not exclusively due to such exposure.
  10. a group of rare cancers, sometimes described as cancer of the blood. Some types occur in children and some are linked with exposure to radiation, and perhaps to radon.