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lengthier, comparative; lengthiest, superlative;
  1. (esp. in reference to time) Of considerable or unusual length, esp. so as to be tedious
    • - lengthy delays
    • - a lengthy book

  1. drawn-out: relatively long in duration; tediously protracted; "a drawn-out argument"; "an extended discussion"; "a lengthy visit from her mother-in-law"; "a prolonged and bitter struggle"; "protracted negotiations"
  2. (lengthily) in a lengthy or prolix manner; "the argument went on lengthily"; "she talked at length about the problem"
  3. (lengthiness) extension: amount or degree or range to which something extends; "the wire has an extension of 50 feet"
  4. (lengthiness) the consequence of being lengthened in duration
  5. long and overextended, especially in time rather than dimension