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legs, plural;
  1. Travel by foot; walk

  2. Run away
    • - he legged it after someone shouted at him
  3. Propel (a boat) through a tunnel on a canal by pushing with one's legs against the tunnel roof or sides

  1. Each of the limbs on which a person or animal walks and stands
    • - Adams broke his leg
    • - he was off as fast as his legs would carry him
    • - a leg injury
  2. A leg of an animal or bird as food
    • - a roast leg of lamb
  3. A part of a garment covering a leg or part of a leg
    • - his trouser leg
  4. Used to refer to the sustained popularity or success of a product or idea
    • - some books have legs; others don't
  5. Each of the supports of a chair, table, or other piece of furniture
    • - table legs
  6. A long, thin support or prop
    • - the house was set on legs
  7. A section or stage of a journey or process
    • - the return leg of his journey
  8. A run made on a single tack

  9. (in soccer and other sports) Each of two games constituting a round of a competition

  10. A section of a relay or other race done in stages
    • - one leg of its race around the globe
  11. A single game in a darts match

  12. A branch of a forked object

  13. The half of the field (as divided lengthways through the pitch) away from which the batsman's feet are pointed when standing to receive the ball

  14. An obeisance made by drawing back one leg and bending it while keeping the front leg straight

  1. a human limb; commonly used to refer to a whole limb but technically only the part of the limb between the knee and ankle
  2. a structure in animals that is similar to a human leg and used for locomotion
  3. one of the supports for a piece of furniture
  4. branch: a part of a forked or branching shape; "he broke off one of the branches"
  5. the limb of an animal used for food
  6. peg: a prosthesis that replaces a missing leg
  7. A leg is a weight bearing structure, usually having a columnar shape.
  8. Lea Green railway station is a railway station in St Helens, Merseyside, England, around three miles from the town centre near to the suburb of Clock Face. It is situated on the northern route of the Liverpool to Manchester Line (the former Liverpool and Manchester Railway). ...
  9. Lehnice (Lég) is a village and municipality in the Dunajská Streda District in the Trnava Region of south-west Slovakia.
  10. Łęg may refer to the following places in Poland: *A former name for the town of Ełk (north-east Poland) *Part of the Czyżyny district of Kraków *Łęg, Pleszew County in Greater Poland Voivodeship (west-central Poland) *Łęg, Śrem County in Greater Poland Voivodeship (west-central Poland) *Łęg, ...
  11. In a right triangle, the cathetus (originally from the Greek word Κάθετος; plural: catheti), commonly known as a leg, is either of the sides that are adjacent to the right angle. It is occasionally called the periphrasis ("side about the right angle"). ...
  12. In rallying, a leg is each day of the whole event. For example, as of 2005 each WRC event lasts over 3 legs - from Friday (1st Leg) over Saturday (2nd Leg) to Sunday (3rd Leg).
  13. The lower limb of a human being or animal that extends from the groin to the ankle; The portion of the lower appendage of a human that extends from the knee to the ankle; A part of garment, such as a pair of trousers/pants, that covers a leg; A stage of a journey, race etc; A distance that a ...
  14. (legs) eleven
  15. (Legged) The same as MEMBERED.
  16. (Legs) Line segments connecting waypoints.
  17. (legs) stamina at the box office; “The film opened big but rival distribs are dubious about its legs.”
  18. (Legs) A tasting term. It refers to the tear-like tracks that a wine makes down the side of a glass after it has been swirled. It may be related to alcohol or glycerol content – it’s a matter of contention. ...
  19. (Legs) a wine’s body or viscosity can be determined, often, by the way rivulets (or sheets, or "tears") of wine descend the inner glass after swirling. ...
  20. (Legs) Curtains used to cover the wings.
  21. (Legs) A term used to describe how wine sticks to the inside of a wineglass after drinking or swirling.
  22. (Legs) Swirl the wine in a glass and then observe the liquid running down the inside of the
  23. (Legs) The tracks of liquid that cling to the sides of a glass after the contents have been swirled. Often said to be related to the alcohol or glycerol content of a wine. Also called tears.
  24. (Legs) Narrow curtains in the wings to mask the backstage areas.
  25. (Legs) The small curtains that hang at the side of the stage, creating the wings, and the exit and entrance spaces for the dancers or actors.