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leakages, plural;
  1. The accidental admission or escape of a fluid or gas through a hole or crack
    • - we're saving water by reducing leakage
    • - there have been no leakages of radioactive material
  2. The gradual escape of an electric charge or current, or magnetic flux

  3. Deliberate disclosure of confidential information

  1. escape: the discharge of a fluid from some container; "they tried to stop the escape of gas from the damaged pipe"; "he had to clean up the leak"
  2. In chemistry, leakage is a process in which material is gradually lost, intentionally or accidentally, through the holes or defects of their containers. The material lost is usually fluid, liquid or powder and sometimes gas, from an imperfectly sealed container. ...
  3. A memory leak, in computer science (in such context, it's also known as leakage), occurs when a computer program consumes memory but is unable to release it back to the operating system. ...
  4. In economics, leakage is the non-consumption uses of income, including saving, taxes, and imports. In the Keynesian injection-leakage or circular flow model, leakages are combined with injections to identify equilibrium aggregate output. ...
  5. In electronics, leakage refers to a gradual loss of energy from a charged capacitor. It is primarily caused by electronic devices attached to the capacitors, such as transistors or diodes, which conduct a small amount of current even when they are turned off. ...
  6. In retail, leakage occurs when members of a community spend money outside that community or when money spent inside that community is transferred outside the community. For example, crossing a border to buy goods forgoes the same purchase that could have been made inside the community. ...
  7. In semiconductor devices, leakage is a quantum phenomenon where mobile charge carriers (electrons or holes) tunnel through an insulating region. Leakage increases exponentially as the thickness of the insulating region decreases. ...
  8. an act of leaking, or something that leaks; the amount lost due to a leak; an undesirable flow of electric current through insulation; loss of retail stock, especially due to theft
  9. (Leakages) Income not passed on by consumers in the circular flow e.g. savings, taxation or money spent on imports. Leakages are sometimes called withdrawals. ««
  10. (Leakages (or Spending Leakages)) Dollars leaving an economy from purchases made from businesses located outside the community.
  11. (Leakages) Those parts of national income not used for consumption i.e. net taxes, saving, and imports.
  12. Leakages refers to money that drops out of circulation within the local economy either by being saved or being spent on goods and services from outside the economy, p161.
  13. The amount of contaminant or hardness remaining in water after filtering or other treatment.
  14. Leakage is the indirect effect of emission reduction policies or activities that lead to a rise in emissions elsewhere (e.g. fossil fuel substitution leads to a decline in fuel prices and a rise in fuel use elsewhere). ...
  15. Refers to the indirect impact that a targeted land use, land use change or forest activity in a certain place at a certain time has on carbon storage at another place or time. ...
  16. Light leaving, or escaping, through the facets of fashioned gemstone.
  17. Conduction from the live wires to earth caused by poor insulators, shorts and vegetation growth on the wires resulting in a drop in voltage.
  18. Synonymous with Revenue Loss. May be expressed as a % of the total revenue stream.
  19. The amount of air passing through a damper with a given pressure drop and a given torque holding the damper closed.
  20. The undesirable passage of current over the surface of or through an insulator.
  21. When an emission reduction from a carbon offset project in one area causes an increase in emissions somewhere outside of the project scope i.e. where conserving a forest in one region shifts logging activity to another area of forest.
  22. Release of information to some persons before official public announcement.
  23. “Leakage occurs when activities that reduce greenhouse gas emissions (or increase carbon in plants and soils) in one place and time result in increases of emissions (or loss of soil or plant carbon) elsewhere or at later times. ...
  24. The amount of air flow leakage (either leaking out from the supply duct or leaking into the return duct) expressed as a percentage of the total air flow rate.
  25. Free flow loss of water through a hole or crack.