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layers, plural;
  1. Arrange in a layer or layers
    • - the current trend for layered clothes
  2. Cut (hair) in overlapping layers
    • - her layered, shoulder-length hair
  3. Propagate (a plant) as a layer
    • - a layered shoot
  1. A sheet, quantity, or thickness of material, typically one of several, covering a surface or body
    • - bears depend on a layer of blubber to keep them warm in the water
    • - a larger missile would provide a layer of defense at higher altitudes
  2. A level of seniority in the hierarchy of an organization
    • - a managerial layer
  3. A person or thing that lays something
    • - the worms are prolific egg-layers
  4. A hen that lays eggs

  5. A shoot fastened down to take root while attached to the parent plant

  1. make or form a layer; "layer the different colored sands"
  2. single thickness of usually some homogeneous substance; "slices of hard-boiled egg on a bed of spinach"
  3. a relatively thin sheetlike expanse or region lying over or under another
  4. level: an abstract place usually conceived as having depth; "a good actor communicates on several levels"; "a simile has at least two layers of meaning"; "the mind functions on many strata simultaneously"
  5. a hen that lays eggs
  6. thin structure composed of a single thickness of cells
  7. An abstraction layer (or abstraction level) is a way of hiding the implementation details of a particular set of functionality. ...
  8. The law of superposition (or the principle of superposition) is a key axiom based on observations of natural history that is a foundational principle of sedimentary stratigraphy and so of other geology dependent natural sciences: The law was formulated in the 17th century by the Danish scientist ...
  9. A layer is the deposition of molecules on a substrate or base (glass, ceramic, semiconductor, or plastic/bioplastic) .
  10. In mathematics, especially in the area of algebra known as group theory, the Fitting subgroup F of a finite group G, named after Hans Fitting, is the unique largest normal nilpotent subgroup of G. ...
  11. Layers were the core of a method of dynamic HTML programming specific to Netscape 4. Each layer was treated as a separate document object in JavaScript. ...
  12. In object-oriented design, a layer is a group of classes that have the same set of link-time module dependencies to other modules. In other words, a layer is a group of reusable components that are reusable in similar circumstances. ...
  13. A single thickness of some material covering a surface; A (usually) horizontal deposit; a stratum; A person who lays things, such as tiles; A hen kept to lay eggs; An item of clothing worn under or over another; A shoot of a plant, laid underground for growth; to cut or divide (something) into ...
  14. (Layered) Using heaviest liquors first, each liquor is carefully poured on top of the other usually using a back of a spoon.
  15. (LAYERED) this is good for thin hair. The longer hair rests on top of shorter hair. It gives your hair movement and depth.
  16. (Layered) One sheet of material on top of another with indistinct boundaries between them.
  17. Especially layered service. A service that is accomplished through reliance on another service.
  18. (Layers) Mature female chickens kept for egg production.
  19. (Layers) If an image is like a book, then a layer is like a page within the book. The simplest images only contain a single layer, and can be treated like single sheets of paper, but sophisticated Gimp users often deal with images containing many layers, even dozens of them. ...
  20. (layers) different levels in the units - See Picture
  21. (Layers) A function within illustration software that allows the user to organize their drawing. As an example it would be likely to see a drawing with layer names such as: Background, tablecloth, plate, pasta, sauce, type. ...
  22. (Layers) A separate channel from the color channels used to store information in a photo-editing program, such as Photoshop. Layers can be used for color and tonal adjustments without altering the original data in the file until the layer is merged or "flattened" with the other channels. ...
  23. (Layers) Each plane of copper of your PCB is defined as a layer. Each layer is generally connected by plated through holes. Depending on the design, the layer will contain not only copper traces, but also information such as your company name, logo etc...
  24. (Layers) Logical data groups in a design database. A layer usually brings together a group of similar objects and data. For example, in a file representing a map sheet, all 200 metre contours may be in one layer and 100 metre contours in another. ...
  25. (Layers) Separate “drawing boards” or “canvasses” in a drawing, CAD or image editing program that are overlaid one on top of the other to complete the picture.