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larders, plural;
  1. A room or large cupboard for storing food

  1. a supply of food especially for a household
  2. pantry: a small storeroom for storing foods or wines
  3. A larder is a cool area for storing food prior to use. Larders were commonplace in houses before the widespread use of the refrigerator.
  4. a cool room in a domestic house where food is stored; a pantry; a food supply
  5. In behavioral ecology usage, a larder is defined as a rich food source, such as a termite mound or a fruiting tree. An ideal larder for a guineafowl is the manure of large mammals that contains fly larvae. ...
  6. To insert thin strips of fat into meats before roasting.
  7. Hungers; sensual satisfaction; your store of memories or feelings that satisfy or nourish you.
  8. A small room used for the storage of food.