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lacquers, plural;
  1. Coat with lacquer
    • - choose from brushed or lacquered copper
  1. A liquid made of shellac dissolved in alcohol, or of synthetic substances, that dries to form a hard protective coating for wood, metal, etc

  2. The sap of the lacquer tree used to varnish wood or other materials

  3. Decorative objects made of wood coated with lacquer
    • - a small lacquer box

  1. a black resinous substance obtained from certain trees and used as a natural varnish
  2. coat with lacquer; "A lacquered box from China"
  3. a hard glossy coating
  4. In a general sense, lacquer is a clear or coloured varnish that dries by solvent evaporation and often a curing process as well that produces a hard, durable finish, in any sheen level from ultra matte to high gloss and that can be further polished as required.
  5. A glossy, resinous material used as a surface coating; either a natural exudation of certain trees, or a solution of nitrocellulose in alcohol, etc; A similar finish, baked onto the inside of cans; To apply a lacquer to something or to give something a smooth, glossy finish
  6. (LACQUERED) Lacquer is a clear chemical that is sometimes applied to the surface of a coin to protect it or to hide hairlines. Over time, however, this coating can crack, flake and discolor, giving the coin an undesirable appearance. ...
  7. (Lacquered) Clear and tinted lacquers may also be used to show off the beauty and grain of natural or stained wood. Tinted or opaque finishes change the color of the wood and can make two different woods appear to be the same. ...
  8. (Lacquering) A clear coating applied to silver to prevent tarnishing.
  9. (LACQUERS) are clear or pigmented finishes, including lacquer sanding sealers, formulated with nitrocellulose or synthetic resins to dry by evaporation without chemical reaction. The dried film can be re-dissolved by the original solvent.
  10. (Lacquers) Paints that dry by evaporative loss of solvent. The film remains susceptible to attack by the same or similar solvents. Lacquers can be based on nitrocellulose or acrylic resins. The old standard for custom paintwork. ...
  11. (n) A protective coating consisting of a resin or cellulose ester or both, which is dissolved in a volatile solvent sometimes with a pigment added. (v) To cover with a coating to produce a smooth, hard finish.
  12. A liquid resin or compound applied to textile braid to prevent fraying, moisture absorption, etc.
  13. A colored or opaque varnish made of shellac dissolved in alcohol, sometimes with pigment added.
  14. A clear finishing material similar to varnish and preferred by sign makers because of its abilities to dry quickly and to not be affected by the presence of dust. It may also be used as a binder with pigments such as silver dust.
  15. A clear gloss coating applied to printed material for strength, appearance and protection.
  16. A fast-drying usually clear coating that is highly flammable and dries by solvent evaporation only. Can be reconstituted after drying by adding solvent.
  17. A term which usually indicates that the material dries by evaporation and forms a film from the nonvolatile constituents.
  18. a fabric finish which achieves a varnished look.
  19. a synthetic coating made by dissolving nitrocellulose or other cellulose derivatives together with plasticizers in a mixture of volatile solvents ("natural lacquer" is an oxymoron * two mutually exclusive terms).
  20. Oriental varnish made from tree gum. Its high-gloss finish became fashionable in Europe in the seventeenth century. Mother-of-pearl, coral and metals were often inlaid in the lacquer ground to create a decorative effect.
  21. A durable, fast-drying finish developed during World War II and favored by the commercial furniture industry; generally is sprayed, although brushing lacquers are available.
  22. A glossy, resinous, clear or coloured synthetic coating, commonly used as a surface coating.
  23. A synthetic, durable fast drying coating used to finish and protect wood.
  24. A clear, hard, durable finish that is heat-resistant and comparable to varnish in strength. Pigments may be added to lacquer to enhance the wood’s appearance.
  25. a finish containing nitrocellulose, often used as a sealer. Using a solvent with a very low flash point, which causes it to be very flammable, creates the fast curing properties of this finish. Ambers little, cures rapidly, but may water spot and become cloudy when applied in high humidity.