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knots, plural;
  1. Fasten with a knot
    • - the scarves were knotted loosely around their throats
  2. Make (a carpet or other decorative item) with knots

  3. Make (something, esp. hair) tangled

  4. Cause (a muscle) to become tense and hard

  5. (of the stomach) Tighten as a result of nervousness or tension

  1. A small, relatively short-billed sandpiper, with a reddish-brown or blackish breast in the breeding season

  1. a tight cluster of people or things; "a small knot of women listened to his sermon"; "the bird had a knot of feathers forming a crest"
  2. make into knots; make knots out of; "She knotted her fingers"
  3. any of various fastenings formed by looping and tying a rope (or cord) upon itself or to another rope or to another object
  4. tie or fasten into a knot; "knot the shoelaces"
  5. a hard cross-grained round piece of wood in a board where a branch emerged; "the saw buckled when it hit a knot"
  6. ravel: tangle or complicate; "a ravelled story"
  7. A knot is a method of fastening or securing linear material such as rope by tying or interweaving. It may consist of a length of one or several segments of rope, string, webbing, twine, strap, or even chain interwoven such that the line can bind to itself or to some other object—the "load". ...
  8. KNOT (1450 AM) is a commercial Classic Country music radio station in Prescott, Arizona, broadcasting to the Flagstaff-Prescott, Arizona, area.
  9. Graph theory is a growing area in mathematical research, and has a large specialized vocabulary. Some authors use the same word with different meanings. Some authors use different words to mean the same thing. This page attempts to keep up with current usage.
  10. A heraldic knot (referred to in heraldry as simply a knot) is a knot, unknot, or design incorporating a knot used in European heraldry. ...
  11. In mathematics, a knot is an embedding of a circle in 3-dimensional Euclidean space, R3, considered up to continuous deformations (isotopies). ...
  12. Knots are unwanted, lage, dark aggregates of wood fibres when making chemical pulp .
  13. A looping of a piece of string or of any other long, flexible material that cannot be untangled without passing one or both ends of the material through its loops; A tangled clump; A maze-like pattern; A closed curve that is an abstraction of a knot (in sense 1 above); A difficult situation; ...
  14. (Knots) Worn by adults to signify training or awards received. See list of knots .
  15. (Knots) Caused by a dead branch that was not fully integrated into the tree before it was cut down. A loose knot is one that cannot be relied upon to remain in place in the piece. ...
  16. (12. Knots) This is not referring to the knots on a rope but rather the speed at which your cruise ship is traveling. The proper mathematical definition is how many nautical miles a ship can travel in an hour. A nautical mile is just over 6,000 feet or 1,800 meters. ...
  17. (KNOTS (Single and Double)) When hair is ventilated through a wig cap it is tied in a knot. Single knots are generally ordered for wigs that have a lighter density. Single knots are usually less detectable in comparison to double knots. However, double knots are just as undetectable. ...
  18. (KNOTS) Lumps which appear in a stretched rubber part, generally due to poor dispersion of a curative, such as sulfur.
  19. (Knots (kn)) Wind speeds are often measured in knots. 1kn = 1.854km. 100kn = 185.4km/h.
  20. (Knots) A blemish in wood grain w here a part of a limb or branch. It is often seen as artistic beauty for cabinetry and furniture. Because wood is a natural material it is common for it to have knots or eyes.
  21. (Knots) Areas of the main stem of a tree in which the base of a branch has been overgrown through diameter growth of the main stem are called knots. Knots in lumber or veneer are cross sections of tree branches
  22. (Knots) Avoid creating unwanted knots, which will make your work lumpy, by keeping your thread tidy and untwisted. If you do get a knot try to very gently untangle the knot using a needle. If you're unable to untangle a knot cut the thread behind the knot and sew in the loose ends.
  23. (Knots) Climbers rely on many different knots for anchoring oneself to a mountain, joining two ropes together, slings for climbing up the rope, etc.
  24. (Knots) Discolorations and compositions in wood as a result of branches growing from the tree. Grades are determined by the size and frequency of knots. The fewer knots in a board, the better the grade (clear, #2, etc.).
  25. (Knots) Entwined cords, used as Badges. Knots are mostly distinguished by the name of the family who bear them, as the Knot borne by the Family of Bourchier is termed a Bourchier Knot.