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knobs, plural;
  1. A rounded lump or ball, esp. at the end or on the surface of something

  2. A handle on a door or drawer shaped like a ball

  3. A rounded button for adjusting or controlling a machine

  4. A small lump of a substance
    • - add a knob of butter or margarine
  5. A prominent round hill

  6. vulgar. A penis

  1. a circular rounded projection or protuberance
  2. a round handle
  3. node: any thickened enlargement
  4. an ornament in the shape of a ball on the hilt of a sword or dagger
  5. KNOB may refer to: * KNOB (FM), a radio station (96.7 FM) licensed to Healdsburg, California, United States * KNOB (defunct), a Long Beach, California radio station now known as KLAX-FM. * KNOB-LP, a low-power radio station (99.9 FM) licensed to Mineral Wells, Texas, United States
  6. KNOB (97.9 FM), was a broadcast radio station on 97.9 MHz, licensed to Long Beach, California, with an effective radiated power of 79,000 watts.
  7. The Knob is a Finnish punk rock band, founded in 2001 by , Jami Pohjoismäki, Jonne Haapa-aho and Tuomo Kankaanpää. The Knob has appeared in various snowboarding and skateboarding movies including the Solid Powder series. ...
  8. The Knob (elevation 1037 feet/316 meters) is the fourth highest point in the U.S. state of Indiana. It is located in Bloomfield Township in LaGrange County, approximately three miles east of the town of LaGrange.
  9. A rounded protuberance, handle, or control switch; A prominent rounded hill; A rounded ornament on the hilt of an edged weapon; a pommel; A prominent, rounded bump along a mountain ridge; The penis; A contemptible person; A dollop, an amount just larger than a spoonful (usually referring to ...
  10. (knobbing) Noun. Sexual intercourse. Also 'nobbing'.
  11. A hardware item, typically round in shape, attached to doors and drawers for function and decoration.
  12. A small beadlike structure visible on a chromosome during prophase of meiosis and mitosis that can serve as a landmark, allowing certain chromosomes to be identified readily in the nucleus.
  13. Small cylindrical insulator used to secure house wiring or the cylindrical member projecting out from the insulator body for tying the line wire.
  14. A small, rounded hill, commonly isolated or rising above adjacent landforms. Also called "knoll."
  15. Rubber or plastic end piece attached to the end of a club handle.
  16. Idiot, dolt. ‘Don’t be a knob by dropping in* on me bru*.’
  17. The end of the baseball bat connected to the handle that the batter grips. The knob keeps the hands from slipping off the bat when swung. Knob styles Refers to the shape of the knob as it meets with the handle of a bat. ...
  18. A round lump or bulge, as in the copybook design of the lowercase cursive "k."
  19. a lump-like decoration that protrudes from the surface of a crystal piece.
  20. Round device used to open a cabinet. These can be plain or elaborately decorated.
  21. (1) A usually round or somewhat spherical handle by which a latch, lock, or other device is operated. (2) Any similarly shaped ornament.
  22. Understanding or 'grasping' something; what you hold onto / A turning point in opportunity; masculine sexuality
  23. A rounded crest, usually with some sort of views.
  24. An ornamental functional round handle on a door, generally used to actuate a latch or lock.
  25. Most often a cabinet knob, but also a door handle knob. Usually cast glass which may then be facetted. Common pull knobs have a hole through them and are mounted with a bolt, the head showing. Emtek sells knobs that are mounted in a brass base that takes a bolt from behind. ...