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knighthoods, plural;
  1. The title, rank, or status of a knight
    • - he received a knighthood
    • - the basis of feudal knighthood

  1. aristocrats holding the rank of knight
  2. A knight was a member of the warrior class of the Middle Ages in Europe who followed a code of law called "chivalry". In other Indo-European languages, cognates of cavalier or rider are more prevalent (e.g. ...
  3. An honour whereby one is made into a knight, and one can thereafter be called "Sir"; The quality of being a knight; The knights collectively, the body of knights
  4. Being a knight. Knighthood was conferred in the adoubement ceremony, or the accolade, at which time a young man or squire was formally adopted into the brotherhood of knights. ...
  5. Honour rewarded by the Queen. Honourees can carry the title "Sir" in front of their name (e.g. Sir Humphrey).
  6. The character, or dignity of a Knight.