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kneaded, past participle; kneaded, past tense; kneads, 3rd person singular present; kneading, present participle;
  1. Work (moistened flour or clay) into dough or paste with the hands

  2. Make (bread or pottery) by such a process

  3. Massage or squeeze with the hands
    • - she kneaded his back

  1. make uniform; "knead dough"; "work the clay until it is soft"
  2. massage: manually manipulate (someone's body), usually for medicinal or relaxation purposes; "She rubbed down her child with a sponge"
  3. Kneading is a process in the making of bread or pasta dough, used to mix together the ingredients and add strength to the final produce. Its importance lies in the mixing of flour with water. ...
  4. (Kneading (cats)) Kneading is an activity common to all domestic cats whereby, when in a state of contentment, they alternately push out and pull in their front paws, often alternating between right and left limbs.
  5. To work and press into a mass, usually with the hands; especially, to work, as by repeated pressure with the knuckles, into a well mixed mass, the materials of bread, cake, etc; To treat or form as if by kneading; to beat; To make a kneading motion with the paws, a sign of contentment
  6. (Kneading) the act of damn near maiming your breast tissue while your adorable (and sharp nailed) little one nurses. This can result in your breast looking like you’ve just nursed a baby kitten.
  7. (Kneading) A gentle but deep tissue massage technique used on large muscles. It imitates taking the muscle between the thumb and fingers and alternating over the same region, with the thumbs stationary and close to each other.
  8. (Kneading) A massage stroke also known as petrissage. This deep, powerful stroke involves picking up, rolling and wringing of the muscle.
  9. (Kneading) Working clay on a surface with the palms of the hands in order to remove air from it and obtain a uniform consistency.
  10. (Kneading) clay preparation, where a lump of clay is rolled in upon itself, while stretching and pulling to get out the air bubbles. TOP
  11. (kneading) "I love you and feel secure and content." This is very common with kittens. Kittens knead their mothers to encourage milk flow. If your cat is kneading you this is one of the most lovely of complements. You remeind them of their mothers. Some adult cats never out grow this behavior.
  12. (NEED) To place dough on a flat surface and work it, pressing down with your hands, then folding over and over again
  13. To work dough with the heels of your hands in a pressing and folding motion until it becomes smooth and elastic.
  14. A technique used to mix and work dough, usually using the hands. Dough is pressed with the heels of the hands, while stretching it out, then folded over itself
  15. To work and press dough with the palms of the hands or mechanically, to develop the gluten in the flour.
  16. to press and fold dough in order to give it a smoother consistency needed for leavening
  17. To manipulate dough in order to develop the gluten. This is done using a pressing motion with folding and stretching
  18. To pound, fold, and stretch dough in order to improve the texture and elasticity
  19. To mix dough with your hands, in a bread machine or in a mixer using a bread hook attachment. Kneading helps the dough come together. If the dough has gluten in it, kneading helps the flour become more “elastic.”
  20. Another bread-making term, refers to the folding and working motion used to make the dough elastic in consistency.
  21. To use your hands to work a mixture until it’s smooth. When making a yeast dough, vigorous and repetitive kneading creates a glutinous network within the dough that will entrap living yeast cells.
  22. To fold, push and turn dough or other mixture to produce a smooth, elastic texture.
  23. Kneading is a process that develops and strengthens the natural gluten in dough. It's important to knead your bread dough well in order for it to rise well. Kneading can be done by hand on your "floured" bread board, kitchen counter or in your bread machine. (see dust)
  24. To mix and work dough into a pliable mass either manually or with a mixer/food processor. When done by hand, you press the dough with the heels of your hands, fold in half, give a quarter turn, and repeat until smooth and elastic.
  25. A rhythmic action in dough making whereby one end of the dough is secured by the heel of one hand and  stretched away, then pulled back over the top. In bread making, two hands are use.