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knacks, plural;
  1. An acquired or natural skill at performing a task
    • - she got the knack of it in the end
  2. A tendency to do something
    • - the band has a knack of warping classic soul songs

  1. bent: a special way of doing something; "he had a bent for it"; "he had a special knack for getting into trouble"; "he couldn't get the hang of it"
  2. Knäck is a traditional Swedish toffee prepared at Christmas. The name translates into "break" and refers to its hard consistency (reminding of Daim or Skor bars). Some prefer their knäck to be soft and chewy, which is easily attainable by simmering the mix for a shorter time.
  3. Knack is a Belgian (Flemish) weekly newsmagazine. It was founded in 1971 and quickly grew out to be a leading Belgian magazine. Currently it has a circulation of about 121.780.
  4. The Knack is an American New Wave rock quartet based in Los Angeles that rose to fame with their first single, "My Sharona", an international number one hit that became one of the biggest hit songs of 1979.
  5. This is a list of episodes of the Dilbert animated series in the order that they were aired.
  6. A readiness in performance; aptness at doing something; skill; facility; dexterity; A petty contrivance; a toy; a plaything; a knickknack; Something performed, or to be done, requiring aptness and dexterity; a trick; a device; To crack; to make a sharp, abrupt noise to chink; To speak affectedly
  7. (knacked) Adj. Means the same as 'knackered'.
  8. (n): choice dish, delicacy. NFS. Cf. Udall Erasmus; Lyly Sapho; Greene Disc. Cozenage.
  9. 'The Knack' is a term given to a voluntary contraction of the pelvic floor muscles prior to any event which increases intra-abdominal pressure. Useful for patients to use prior to any activity which usually results in leakage. Examples may be a cough or s
  10. a special talent or skill; ability to do something easily