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kits, plural;
  1. Provide someone or something with the appropriate clothing or equipment
    • - we were all kitted out in life jackets
  1. A small violin, esp. one used by a dancing master

  1. kit out: supply with a set of articles or tools
  2. young of any of various fur-bearing animals; "a fox kit"
  3. The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) is an academic research and education institution resulting from a merger of the university (Universität Karlsruhe (TH)) and the research center (Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe). It is located in the city of Karlsruhe, Germany. ...
  4. Pál Kitaibel (Kitaibel Pál) (1757–1817) was a Hungarian botanist and chemist.
  5. Kit is the twenty-fourth solo album recorded by B.R. Wallers under the name The Rebel, the second to be released widely.
  6. KIT (1280 AM) is a radio station broadcasting a News Talk Information format to the Yakima, Washington, USA area. The station is licensed to GAP Broadcasting Yakima License, LLC and owned by Townsquare Media. The station features programming from ABC Radio , Fox News Radio and Westwood One.
  7. In association football, as in a number of sports, kit refers to the standard equipment and attire worn by players. ...
  8. KITT is the short name of two fictional characters from the adventure TV series Knight Rider. While having the same acronym, the KITTs are two different entities: one known as the Knight Industries Two Thousand, which appeared in the original TV series Knight Rider, and the other as the Knight ...
  9. A circular wooden vessel, made of hooped staves; A kind of basket made from straw of rushes, especially for holding fish; by extension, the contents of such a basket, used as a measure of weight; A collection of items forming the equipment of a soldier, carried in a knapsack; Any collection of ...
  10. (KITS) Children. "How's da wife and kits?"
  11. (KITS) Kit Group. Identifies and groups part numbers of a kit.
  12. (KITS) We try to ship unassembled kits within 24-48 hours (1-2 business days) after payment is received. In certain cases, there may be delays (for example: Out of stock, waiting for parts, special order items, etc.)
  13. (Kits) A knockdown thermal container system is shipped in one master carton. Cold Chain Technologies KoolTemp™ Kits contain EPS panel sheet precision-cut insulation, corrugated containers, polyethylene liners (PET), and assembly instructions.
  14. (Kits) Essentially a tin of concentrated juice and a list of instructions. A good way to start out. Also, `high alcohol' kits are available for making such things as gin, whiskey and blue curacao.
  15. (Kits) Include printed pattern and supplies (as listed in the description) needed to create a particular item. See descriptions for detailed supply list for a particular item.
  16. (kits) which are collections of items (classes, metaclasses, parameterized classes, non-class instances, other kits, and/or systems of interacting objects) all of which support a single, large, coherent, object-oriented concept, such as computer graphics windows or insurance policies. ...
  17. cross stitch kits contain everything you will need to complete the specified design. For example most kits will contain the fabric, floss, needle, color key and instructions so that you can start stitching straight away. ...
  18. Generally in SLR world there are 2 main components (actually there are many components but for now let focus on these). When you get both together (Combination of Camera Body and Camera Lense) they are termed as Camera KIT.
  19. listed as either medicine or device kits. A package and therapeutic goods in the package together constitute a kit for the purposes of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 if:
  20. A member of the PDGFR family, c-kit is a tyrosine kinase receptor that dimerizes following ligand binding and is autophosphorylated on intracellular tyrosine residues.
  21. A car, truck, boat, airplane or heli that requires the modeler to do most/all of the building and finishing work. Modelers are likely required to add their own power plant, radio system or both.
  22. Noun. Clothes. See 'get one's kit off'.
  23. Young fox, cub, pup. Not to be confused with the species, Kit Fox.
  24. items that are made up of multiple separate parts (not assembled).
  25. A set of all the parts needed to turn a frame into a ready-to-ride bicycle. See "group."