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juxtaposed, past participle; juxtaposes, 3rd person singular present; juxtaposing, present participle; juxtaposed, past tense;
  1. Place or deal with close together for contrasting effect
    • - black-and-white photos of slums were starkly juxtaposed with color images

  1. place side by side; "The fauvists juxtaposed strong colors"
  2. Juxtapose is the fifth album by Tricky, in collaboration with DJ Muggs and Grease (Ruff Ryders & DMX producer). Two tracks with DJ Muggs find their way to the only single "For Real" ("Pop Muzik," a cover of the song by M) and the Japanese release ("Who"). ...
  3. (juxtaposed) placed near together
  4. to place side by side, or unexpected combinations of colors, shapes and ideas
  5. jux·ta·pose (jůk´ste-pozą) verb, transitive jux·ta·posed, jux·ta·pos·ing, jux·ta·pos·es To place side by side, especially for comparison or contrast. [French juxtaposer : Latin iuxtâ, close by + French poser, to place (from Old French).]
  6. The process of sampling two coffees side by side for comparison purposes.
  7. to place close together or side by side