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junctions, plural;
  1. A point where two or more things are joined
    • - the junction of the two rivers
  2. A place where two or more roads or railroad lines meet

  3. A region of transition in a semiconductor between a part where conduction is mainly by electrons and a part where it is mainly by holes

  4. The action or fact of joining or being joined

  1. the place where two or more things come together
  2. the state of being joined together
  3. articulation: the shape or manner in which things come together and a connection is made
  4. something that joins or connects
  5. an act of joining or adjoining things
  6. Below is a list of fictional planets named in the novels of the Dune universe created by Frank Herbert. In the Appendix of Dune (1965), Herbert notes that there are over 13,300 worlds under Landsraad influence immediately after the Butlerian Jihad. ...
  7. A junction, in the context of rail transport, is a place at which two or more rail routes converge or diverge. This implies a physical connection between the tracks of the two routes (assuming they are of the same gauge), provided by 'points' (US: switches) and signalling.
  8. A road junction is a location where vehicular traffic going in different directions can proceed in a controlled manner designed to minimize accidents. In some cases, vehicles can change between different routes or directions of travel.
  9. A p–n junction is formed by joining p-type and n-type semiconductors together in very close contact. The term junction refers to the boundary interface where the two regions of the semiconductor meet. ...
  10. Junction is a video puzzle game developed by Micronet and published by Konami in 1990 that saw a western release. ...
  11. The Junction is the self-titled album released by Canadian band The Junction. Produced by The Junction and Brian Moncarz, it was released by Universal Records in Canada on February 13, 2007.
  12. The act of joining, or the state of being joined; A place where two things meet, especially where two roads meet; The boundary between two physically different materials, especially between conductors, semiconductors, or metals; The place where a distributary departs from the main stream
  13. (Junctions) Regions of transition between two different semiconducting regions in a semiconductor device (such as a pn junction), or between a metal and a semiconductor.
  14. (Junctions) A junction is a feature that allows two or more edges to connect and facilitates the transfer of flow and resources between edges. Junctions are created from point feature classes in a feature dataset.
  15. A region of transition between semiconductor layers, such as a p/n junction, which goes from a region that has a high concentration of acceptors (p-type) to one that has a high concentration of donors (n-type).
  16. Site where one trail meets another.
  17. The spot at which a branch diverges from the main line. It may consist of a single turnout for single track or may consist of several turnouts and diamond crossings for double (or multiple) tracks.
  18. The point in a thermocouple where the two dissimilar metals are joined.
  19. Point in a Maze where a passage branches or forks, i.e. where three passages meet. Can also mean a general point where three or more passages meet.
  20. A location where train routes converge and diverge
  21. and Prelude and Fugue. 1983. Jew's harps. Ms
  22. A protein based structure that connects two adjacent cells. Junctions are used for contact formation and communication. Common junctions in animal systems are tight junctions, gap junctions, desmosomes and hemidesmosome (connects a cell to the extra-cellular matrix to form stable connective tissue).
  23. Point at which two lines or separate routes diverge from each other.
  24. A meeting point of two or more routes. Sometimes the term is also used for a station where there is a single route but the gauge changes (e.g. Kalka Jn. where the BG line terminates and the NG line to Simla originates).
  25. a junction is a meeting of two highways. Normally, signage will show the approaching route shield and the abbreviation "JCT" on a banner above the route shield.