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jugs, plural;
  1. Stew or boil (a hare or rabbit) in a covered container
    • - jugged hare
  2. Prosecute and imprison (someone)

  1. A large container for liquids, with a narrow mouth and typically a stopper or cap

  2. The contents of such a container
    • - she gave us a big jug of water
  3. Prison
    • - three months in the jug
  4. vulgar. A woman's breasts

  5. A secure hold that is cut into rock for climbing

  1. a large bottle with a narrow mouth
  2. imprison: lock up or confine, in or as in a jail; "The suspects were imprisoned without trial"; "the murderer was incarcerated for the rest of his life"
  3. stew in an earthenware jug; "jug the rabbit"
  4. the quantity contained in a jug
  5. A jug is a type of container for liquid. The term jug can also be used describe the breast of a woman, due to the fact that it holds liquid. It has an opening, often narrow, from which to pour or drink, and nearly always has some kind of handle. ...
  6. This is a list of hybrid dogs. A dog hybrid, traditionally called a crossbred dog , is one with two purebred parents of different breeds.
  7. The jug as a musical instrument reached its height of popularity in the 1920s, when jug bands, such as Cannon's Jug Stompers were popular.
  8. Jug wine is a term in the United States for inexpensive table wine (or "bulk wine") typically bottled in a glass jug.
  9. The Jug (also known as the Jug Handle) is a jug-shaped island formed by a horseshoe bend on Middle Island Creek near Middlebourne in Tyler County, West Virginia. It is maintained by the state of West Virginia as The Jug Wildlife Management Area.
  10. A serving vessel or container, circular in cross-section and typically higher than it is wide, with a relatively small mouth or spout, a handle and often a stopper or top; The amount that a jug can hold; Jail; A woman's breasts; A kettle; To stew in an earthenware jug etc; To put into jail
  11. (jugs) this sense) (plurale tantum, slang) breasts; plural of jug as in breast
  12. (jugs) (n, vulgar) breasts. Synonyms: tits, rack, milkshake. Freq: occasional. Yo, nice shirt! Your jugs look huge in it!
  13. (jugs) breasts. e.g.. "Phwoar, nice jugs !".
  14. (jugs) n. We in the UK use the word jug in the context that an American will use pitcher. Note that we also use it to describe breasts, which I believe is the more regular American definition.
  15. (jugs) n. Weber DCOE or similar carburettors fitted to cars which club members can't afford (or can't afford to run)
  16. A shortened term for Jumar, both noun and verb.
  17. If you dream of jugs well filled with transparent liquids, your welfare is being considered by more than yourself. Many true friends will unite to please and profit you. If the jugs are empty, your conduct will estrange you from friends and station. ...
  18. To ascend a rope using a mechanical sliding/braking device.
  19. Large, easily gripped hold. Also, to climb up a fixed rope using an ascender.
  20. n. A big hand hold, usually a great relief to find. (See also, bucket.) Also a verb meaning “to jumar” or the act of ascending a fixed rope with jumars.
  21. the former Yugoslavia (Jugoslavija), excluding Croatia and Slovenia [in AFE vols. 10–12]; subsequently split into BH, Cg, Ko, Mk, Se
  22. A glass or plastic jug for serving draught beer in a pub
  23. 1. prison. 2. a jug of beer served in hotels.
  24. a very positive hold, large enough to get all fingers on or around it up to the palm
  25. Very large handhold. Also called a 'Bucket'.