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jokers, plural;
  1. A person who is fond of joking

  2. A foolish or inept person
    • - a bunch of jokers
  3. A playing card, typically bearing the figure of a jester, used in some games as a wild card

  4. A clause unobtrusively inserted in a bill or document and affecting its operation in a way not immediately apparent

  1. a person who enjoys telling or playing jokes
  2. a person who does something thoughtless or annoying; "some joker is blocking the driveway"
  3. an inconspicuous clause in a document or bill that affects its meaning in a way that is not immediately apparent; "when I demanded my money he showed me the joker in the contract"
  4. a playing card that is usually printed with a picture of a jester
  5. The Joker is a fictional character, a comic book super villain published by DC Comics. He is the archenemy of Batman, having been directly responsible for numerous tragedies in Batman's life, including the paralysis of Barbara Gordon and the death of Jason Todd, the second Robin. ...
  6. This is the list of characters that have appeared in Flame of Recca. This list is heavily based on the manga, but relevant information based on the anime series are also noted.
  7. Joker is an original graphic novel written by Brian Azzarello and illustrated by Lee Bermejo. It was published in 2008 by DC Comics. It is based on characters from DC's Batman series, focusing primarily on the title character. ...
  8. Harvey Comics (also known as Harvey World Famous Comics, Harvey Publications, Harvey Comics Entertainment, Harvey Hits, Harvey Illustrated Humor, and Harvey Picture Magazines) was an American comic book publisher, founded in New York City by Alfred Harvey in 1941, after buying out the small ...
  9. Joker is a Slovenian monthly magazine. Started as a computer gaming magazine, it has expanded into reviewing books, movies, educational articles of a general nature and much more. Known for having a interesting writing style which also includes archaic and neologistic Slovene words.
  10. The Monster Rancher video game and anime franchise features monsters raised by monster breeders, who then fight in tournaments against other monster breeders.
  11. (Jokers (tile)) Tiles that are used as wilds in American mahjong. The picture varies.
  12. (Jokers) There are two Jokers, the highest is called the big Joker and the other one is the little Joker. These are the top boss cards and they are wild, meaning they become whatever suit has been declared trump. In the case of a "no trump" bid they are worthless.
  13. (Jokers) When you use a question mark in a search box, you're using a joker. As with poker cards, a joker can stand for any character. If you search for c?t, it'll find cat, cot, cut. See wild card.
  14. These are sometimes used as wild cards, particularly in home games.
  15. An exceptionally good roll, especially a roll that reverses the likely outcome of the game; a roll much luckier than average.
  16. a special fifty-third card in a deck, used as a wild card (see Wild Card).
  17. A 53rd card used mostly in draw games. The joker may usually be used as an Ace, or a card to complete a straight or flush, in high games, and as the lowest card not already present in a hand at low. See bug. A joker may give a player a great many outs.
  18. In dependent or locomotive brake, part of E-T (engine-train) equipment
  19. As soon as this is played from a hand onto the discard pile, take all current groups, shuffle them together, and play the cards back to the players (starting with the phasing player). As the card is received a player must immediately assign it, face-up, to a group. ...
  20. in Naval aviation, a fuel level that's critically low, lower than BINGO. See ENDURANCE, DROP-TANK, POD, DROGUE, TANKER, POINT OF NO RETURN.
  21. The 53rd card which would be added to a deck (Refer to Bug).
  22. A wild card supplied with decks of cards, not used in  most games, except when exceptional rules apply. Typically a joker in a players hand will give them many outs.
  23. A joker is an additional card in the deck that is used in some games. The jokers isn't often used in serious poker, but when it is it's usually considered a wild card. See also bug.
  24. This is the last card or the 53rd card of a deck. In some games it has no value whereas in other games it is valued as a wild card.
  25. a person who does not believe in commitment to any one group or core values.