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jewels, plural;
  1. A precious stone, typically a single crystal or a piece of a hard lustrous or translucent mineral, cut into shape with flat facets or smoothed and polished for use as an ornament

  2. An ornament or piece of jewelry containing such a stone or stones

  3. A hard precious stone used as a bearing in a watch, compass, or other device

  4. A very pleasing or valued person or thing; a very fine example
    • - she was a jewel of a nurse

  1. a precious or semiprecious stone incorporated into a piece of jewelry
  2. bejewel: adorn or decorate with precious stones; "jeweled dresses"
  3. a person who is as brilliant and precious as a piece of jewelry
  4. Jewel is a 1994 album by Marcella Detroit. Detroit started working on the album in 1992, intending to release it in between Shakespears Sister's third album so that Siobhan Fahey could take a break from the group to spend more time with her family. ...
  5. Jewel is a 2001 television drama film directed by Paul Shapiro, based on the book of the same name by Bret Lott.
  6. Jewel is a novel by Bret Lott, and was chosen as an Oprah's Book Club selection.
  7. Jewel Kilcher (born May 23, 1974), professionally known simply as Jewel, is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, actress, and poet. She has received three Grammy Award nominations and has sold 27 million albums worldwide, and almost twenty million in the United States alone.
  8. Secret is the eighth studio album by Japanese pop singer-songwriter Ayumi Hamasaki, released by Avex Trax on November 29, 2006 in Japan. Hamasaki herself wrote all of the album's lyrics. The album has debuted high on charts across Asia and has gone triple platinum in Japan alone.
  9. This is a list of characters in the game Suikoden IV. Many of these characters also appear in its successor, Suikoden Tactics.
  10. A female given name from the noun jewel, used since the end of the 19th century; A male given name, a variant of Jewell, or from "jewel" like the female name
  11. (JEWELS) Synthetic rubies used in a watch movement. Some jewels are used as bearings to reduce friction. They’re set in holes drilled into the movement plate and bridges, and hold the rotating pivots of the movement’s gears and wheels. ...
  12. (Jewels) Synthetic sapphires or rubies that act as bearings for gears in a mechanical watch. The jewels reduce friction to make the watch more accurate and longer lasting. ...
  13. (Jewels) The international designation for the rubies or other stones in a watch-movement. Within a mechanical watch the jewels are used as bearings. Most watches with mechanical movements will contain at least 17 jewels.
  14. (jewels) small gems or synthetic stones used as bearings and pallet-stones for the lever and impulse pin that reduce friction, and thus wear and abrasion in the movement. Also called rubies.
  15. (JEWELS) Precision watches are equipped with jewels to minimize friction on the most important bearings, on the anchor pallets and on the ellipse jewels. ...
  16. (JEWELS) Things you treasure in yourself or others (the color or type of jewel suggests what area of life you give value to) / Something rare, precious, or hard to come by; love given or received / Pretensions; wanting to be noticed
  17. (Jewels) (J.S. Bach, C.P.E. Bach, Buxtehude, Priaulx. Rainier, Linda Smith, Rodney Sharman). 1999 (2002). Doremi DDR-71140
  18. (Jewels) Glass generally pressed into shapes while molten. Can have multiple faceted sides. They also can be faceted after forming through repeated machine grinding. They are used as a decorative addition to many designs.
  19. (Jewels) Instead of using a metal ball bearing in the works of a watch, a semi precious jewel (usually a ruby) is used instead. This insures that the ball bearing can not rust.
  20. (Jewels) Not family heirlooms or a tender body region, but a popular name for one of the region's dominant grocery store chains. "I'm goin' to Jewels to pick up some sassage."
  21. (Jewels) Small, hard gemstones used in certain moving parts of some mechanical watches. They are used in sensitive parts of the machinery because they are smooth and very durable, helping the watch stay accurate and last longer.
  22. (Jewels) The tinctures of the arms of Peers are blazoned by some writers by the names of precious stones.
  23. (Jewels) To dream of jewels, denotes much pleasure and riches. To wear them, brings rank and satisfied ambitions. To see others wearing them, distinguished places will be held by you, or by some friend. To dream of jeweled garments, betokens rare good fortune to the dreamer. ...
  24. (Jewels) Wearing or seeing jewels in your dream is similar to the meaning of jewelry. It represents a sense of worth of yourself or people close with you. What jewel was in your dream? ...
  25. (Jewels) a sphere covered in retroreflective tape - a motion capture marker