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ivories, plural;
  1. A hard creamy-white substance composing the main part of the tusks of an elephant, walrus, or narwhal, often (esp. formerly) used to make ornaments and other articles
    • - a knife with an ivory handle
  2. An object made of ivory

  3. The keys of a piano

  4. A person's teeth

  5. A creamy-white color

  1. a hard smooth ivory colored dentine that makes up most of the tusks of elephants and walruses
  2. bone: a shade of white the color of bleached bones
  3. Ivory is formed from dentine and constitutes the bulk of the teeth and tusks of animals such as the elephant, hippopotamus, walrus, mammoth and narwhal.
  4. The name "Ivory" refers to a series of products created by the Procter & Gamble Company (P&G), including varieties of a white and mildly fragranced bar soap, that became famous for its pure content and for floating in water. Over the years, the bar soap has been altered into other varieties. ...
  5. "Ivory" is the fifteenth maxi single by Japanese group Dragon Ash; released in 2006. It was part of the countdown to Dragon Ash's tenth anniversary album Independiente released in 2007. The song's music video was captured in Saipan, CNMI.
  6. Ivory is the ninth album by Teena Marie, released in 1990. It was Marie's last album for Epic Records and was a commercial failure, only reaching #27 on the US Black Albums chart and #132 on the Billboard Albums chart (her lowest-placing album on both charts up to that date). ...
  7. Lisa Moretti (born November 26, 1961) is an American professional wrestler. She is best known for her appearances with World Wrestling Entertainment (previously the World Wrestling Federation) between 1999 and 2005 under the ring name Ivory. ...
  8. (Ivories) Ivory carving is the carving of ivory by using sharp cutting tools, either mechanically or manually. The ancient craft has now virtually ceased, as it is illegal throughout the world.
  9. The hard white form of dentine which forms the tusks of elephants, walruses and other animals; A creamy white colour, the colour of ivory; Something made from or resembling ivory; The teeth; The keys of a piano; Made of ivory; Resembling or having the colour of ivory
  10. (Ivories) Another name for pool balls, referring back to the time when pool balls were made of elephant ivory.
  11. (Ivories) Elk have canine-like teeth on the upper part of their mouth.  Native Americans would remove these teeth to make jewelry or beads.
  12. To dream of ivory, is favorable to the fortune of the dreamer. To see huge pieces of ivory being carried, denotes financial success and pleasures unalloyed.
  13. The teeth or tusks of elephants or Egyptian hippopotami. Elaborately carved and inlaid ivory objects, from tiny boxes to thrones and bedsteads, were highly prized by the Assyrians. ...
  14. The smooth, hard, yellowish-white material forming the tusks of walrus and certain other animals.
  15. the hard creamy-white material that composes an elephant or walrus s tusk; Environment, Endangered Species
  16. The hard, white tooth-like material from the tusks of elephants and other animals
  17. Traditional (older) key coverings made from elephant and other mammal tusk material.
  18. is one of the few organic gemstones. It generally refers to ivory from elephant tusk but can also refer to the bones and teeth of elephant, narwhals, walrus, hippos, and cachalot whales. It is most often carved or made into beads. Hardness=2.25-2.75, S.G.=1.85,R.I.=1.54.   ^top
  19. Purity, strength, natural beauty / Something precious to you, possibly gained through exploitation / Lofty attitudes; preoccupation with remote considerations rather than practical everyday life / (see ELEPHANT, WHITE, PIANO)
  20. This veil colour goes with ivory wedding gowns. Don’t choose an ivory veil for a white dress.
  21. Although it is also the name of an upperclassmen residence hall, many use the word Ivory when referring to the food court located in Ivory Tower’s lower level. Eateries include Potbelly’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Baskin Robbins, Pita Pit, a convenience store and a buffet and grill venue.
  22. Tusks or teeth of elephant, mammoth, boar, hippopotamus, walrus, narwhal and sperm whale; ivory is easily carved into delicate and intricate designs; decorative objects have been carved in ivory throughout the worlds diverse cultures; most varieties of ivory are now internationally restricted ...
  23. Whiter than bone; made from elephant and walrus tusks. The grain lines are often cross-hatched traveling in two directions
  24. An organic gem formed from dentin in teeth or tusks of mammals such as elephant, hippopotamus, narwhal, sea lion, wild boar and fossilized mammoth. Collection of ivory has led to the decimation of certain species, especially elephants. ...