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itineraries, plural;
  1. A planned route or journey

  2. A travel document recording these

  1. path: an established line of travel or access
  2. travel guidebook: a guidebook for travelers
  3. travel plan: a proposed route of travel
  4. Travel literature is travel writing of literary value. Travel literature typically records the experiences of an author touring a place for the pleasure of travel. An individual work is sometimes called a travelogue or itinerary. ...
  5. A route or proposed route of a journey; An account or record of a journey; A guidebook for travellers
  6. (Itineraries) National North Island South Island Themed
  7. (ITINERARIES) The Operator reserves the right to alter the tour or the itinerary of any of it's tours and organise alternative carriers to those advertised if necessary. ...
  8. The route of a means of transport, indicated by the names of the ports of call or other locations, often including estimated arrival and departure dates.
  9. A ship's schedule of port stops and days at sea.
  10. We are happy to arrange an itinerary to match your requirements. The examples presented on this site and in our brochures are illustrative of cruises enjoyed by previous guests.
  11. South-Central Dalmatia | North Dalmatia | Suggested Routes Croatia | Greece
  12. Information pertaining to the flight which generally includes flight numbers, departure/arrival times, meal service , and seat assignment; The route of a given flight.
  13. The list of events, in order, of what is going on during the show.  The itinerary covers what's going to happen before, during and after the game.
  14. The course a yacht intends to travel while on charter. Can be decided in advance or changed by the guest in mid-charter, weather permitting.
  15. A schedule of a flight's arrival, departure, and intermediate (connecting) cities with time and date details.
  16. The Great Sailfishing Company or its representative will write an itinerary listing scheduled daily activities and services purchased. In the event of a difference between information contained in the brochure or on the Internet web site, the language of the itinerary shall control.
  17. A detailed outline for a proposed journey.
  18. The schedule of ports for your specific cruise, including days at sea and the length of time the ship will be docked at each destination.
  19. is a piece of paper with the travel arrangements stating your departure and arrival date and destination.  The itinerary should have the travelers name on it.
  20. When you receive your itinerary, please ensure all names and titles match entries in your passport(s).
  21. Your flight, train or tour schedule in detail
  22. same as a Route (e.g. used by TomTom)
  23. The travel schedule provided by a travel agent or tour operator for his or her client. A proposed or preliminary itinerary may be rather vague or specific. A final itinerary, however, provides all details--flight numbers, departure times and so on--and describes planned activities. ...
  24. (noun) -- list of where someone plans to be and what they plan to be doing
  25. A single flight or a series of identical flights defined by a continuous Period and Days of Operation (and Frequency Rate if applicable