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  1. supplying dry land with water by means of ditches etc
  2. (medicine) cleaning a wound or body organ by flushing or washing out with water or a medicated solution
  3. (irrigate) supply with a constant flow or sprinkling of some liquid, for the purpose of cooling, cleansing, or disinfecting; "irrigate the wound"
  4. Irrigation is an artificial application of water to the soil. It is used to assist in the growing of agricultural crops, maintenance of landscapes, and revegetation of disturbed soils in dry areas and during periods of inadequate rainfall. ...
  5. Tidal irrigation is the subsurface irrigation of levee soils in coastal plains with river water under tidal influence. It is applied in (semi)arid zones at the mouth of a large river estuary or delta where a considerable tidal range (some 2 m) is present. ...
  6. The role of irrigation in viticulture is considered both controversial and essential to wine production. ...
  7. The act or process of irrigating, or the state of being irrigated; especially, the operation of causing water to flow over lands, for nourishing plants
  8. (Irrigate) Encourage the growth of a crop by supplying extra water.
  9. (irrigate) to wash out or rinse with a fluid.
  10. (Irrigated) Watered by an artificial or controlled means, such as sprinklers, furrows, ditches, or spreader dikes.
  11. Lawn sprinkler system.
  12. Grape vines need water, and if there isn't enough of it in the environment, it is necessary to supply this artificially, by irrigation. Although it is frowned upon in European wine regions, used carefully it can be used in the production of high quality wines.
  13. The use of automated or manual systems for applying supplemental water for the benefit of growing plants and replenishing soil moisture.
  14. Mechanical method of flushing supra- and subgingival areas with fluid to disrupt debris and plaque.
  15. Applying water or wastewater to land areas to supply the water and nutrient needs of plants.
  16. when humans water the land, usually for agriculture but also for leisure (e.g. golf courses), either during a period of dry weather or to bring areas of land in drier zones into use.
  17. Diverting or moving water from its natural course in order to use it.
  18. the mechanical distribution of water over the ground in lieu of natural rainfall
  19. Act of supplying dry land with water in order to grow crops or other plants. Application of water to lands for agricultural purposes.
  20. Cleansing by a stream of fluid, preferably saline.
  21. A system of watering plants on an occasional or daily basis; systems may be built-in or temporary.  Irrigation may be necessary for plant establishment or for the long-term success of the green roof, depending on the geographical location of the project, the plant palette, and the time of year ...
  22. In horticulture and agriculture, water provided by a sprinkler system to promote plant growth.
  23. to bring a supply of water to a dry area, especially in order to help crops to grow.
  24. The application of water to a crop to augment what it receives from soil storage and precipitation. (Source: Agriculture and Agrifood Canada).
  25. A method of watering land (usually from a distant source) by directing it through systems of canals, ditches and pipes.